Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Donburi

Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Donburi

To say that I love Sriracha is an understatement. It’s not just like any other hot sauce or chili paste. It has this combination sweetness and spiciness plus a distinct flavor that  separates it from other hot sauce. It is highly addictive and because of that I can’t help but add it to almost everything I eat and cook at home like wings, ribs, wraps, and even popcorn.

I found out a few weeks ago that Tokyo Tokyo launched a new donburi variant that has Sriracha in it and I couldn’t help but be excited to try it!

Tokyo Tokyo Sriracha Donburi

Even if I’m on a no rice and no meat diet, I couldn’t resist the call of Tokyo Tokyo’s new donburi on the block called Sriracha Donburi. And you know what, I didn’t regret each spoonful I ate. It was sooo good!

This Sriracha Donburi is a bursting combination of tender Beef Misono, crunchy onion rings and delicate nitamago egg all drizzled with Sriracha Mayo and showered with a crunch of tempura crumbs to add a layer of texture on top of spicy Sriracha flavored rice. It is heavenly, if I may say so…

You will surely fall in love with this new fiery flavor as I have. If you haven’t tried it yet, well, now is the time to do so. It has such a hefty serving for only ₱155.

Make it a meal with Red Iced Tea, Miso Soup, and dessert — just add ₱60.

Not into spicy food? No worries, there are other donburi variants of Pork Katsudon, Chicken Oyakodon, Beef Pepper, and Tempura.

Me? I might drop by Tokyo Tokyo this week for another bowl of this yummy Sriracha Donburi.

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19 Responses

  1. I have so many unknown words it’s not even funny. Lol. Seriously I need to get hubby to go out more ?

  2. I’m not a fan of spicy foods, but this looked so good that I wanted to grab a utensil and dive right in! I’ll check out the Tokyo Tokyo restaraunt next time I visit the area!

  3. This looks amazing! So delicious! I have spent my day baking (and eating) but I could be hungry again just looking at this! Not a spicy food fan indeed but if there are alternatives, it’s perfect! xx corinne

  4. I love spicy foods, and that donburi looks so good. Pairing it with a tall iced tea and some dessert is the perfect match.

  5. I don’t like anything too spicy, but I do love asian food. Especially when it’s topped with an egg.

  6. spicy and asian go so well together, this is a big yes to me, dont know how it tastes though but it sure looks so good and inviting to try out and see.

  7. It sounds amazing. I love sriracha and we use it around the house often. It goes well with pretty much anything! Lol. I think this one’s worth a try!

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