Best Dinner Ideas for Two

Many men dating foreign women don’t know what to prepare so that they like it. Three whales of a perfect romantic dinner are easiness, beauty, and an excellent combination of ingredients. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run around the city in search of the best Hungarian paprika, dragon meat or a feather of Chinese parrots. All the products you can buy in the nearest supermarket! And here are the best dishes for a romantic dinner.

Best Dinner Ideas for Two

  1. Risotto with chicken

If you have long-grain rice, a pair of chicken legs, and some vegetables, then a traditional Italian risotto is the best dish you can cook for dinner. Sufficiently easy, tasty and nutritious, risotto has an amazing property – it is always tasty. And another plus is that it is inexpensive, although quite refined.

  1. Indian paratha with potatoes

What to cook for dinner from potatoes? “What a boring question” – You man think. – “Is it still possible to surprise someone with dishes from it?” Yes and let’s try. Paratha is a quite exotic dish but extremely simple. For its preparation, you will not need any delicacies, only the simplest ones that will be found in every kitchen. You should fry Indian tortillas with a potato stuffing on very strong fire and do it very quickly – no more than one minute from each side. Your soulmate will like such a quick dinner from potatoes.

  1. Kokkinisto

Kokkinisto or “beef in red sauce” is a Greek dish, which is said to have the ability to kindle the flame of passion. Perhaps the whole thing is in a mixture of spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, fragrant pepper, and maybe in celery, oregano or white wine, because the rest of the ingredients seem to be quite simple –onions, tomatoes, and beef. In any case, you will surely be able to rekindle the flame of appetite. A delicious meat dinner always takes longer to prepare than a quick chicken dinner, so be patient. It’s worth it.

  1. Potato gnocchi

Many prefer to serve gnocchi as a side dish to meat or even as an independent dish with a favorite sauce. Do you know how to cook dumplings? Fine! It is even easier to make delicious gnocchi. Did you prepare too much dough? Don’t worry, nothing will be lost. Just add boiled mashed potato in it and the problem will disappear by itself. Boil gnocchi until they float.

  1. Frittata

A bright, colorful, very cute Italian dish has some similarity to an omelet, but frittata is universal. It will not be spoiled if you replace boiled chicken meat in a recipe with rabbit meat, turkey, ground beef or simply chopped sausage. Add vegetables, green peas, and roasted potatoes. Pour eggs in it, put to the oven, and wait until all this beauty rises and begins to exude a wonderful fragrance. And to decorate frittata with a crusty crust, dress it with grated cheese. With this recipe, you can make a quick dinner for guests and a romantic dinner for a loved one.

  1. Fragrant pork ribs in honey

Do you know how to make a delicious pork dinner? You know for sure because the list of dishes from this meat is simply inexhaustible. But the pork dinner will be just magically delicious if you take the best meat and marinate it in the juice of lime and orange and add honey, dill, paprika, pressed garlic, mustard, and olive oil to the marinade. And you can take cumin, coriander, fennel seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce… It’s something amazing, is not it?

  1. Baked squid in cream under a blanket of cheese

These cephalopods are terrible in appearance, but not in a plate. Did you know that squid is one of the best sources of easily digestible protein and their dietary properties are simply irreplaceable? Bake squids in the oven, pour cream, and dress them with grated cheese.

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  1. Love this range of recipes from simple to a little more elegant. The kokkinisto certainly has me intrigued and I love squid. Going to have to add these meals to our dinners. Thanks for sharing.

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