Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

When you picture the perfect kitchen, what do you see? Does it have top of the line appliances? Maybe you’re really coveting the look of quartz countertops, or perhaps you need more space. It can be one of the most expensive renovations that you’ll ever undertake, but it’s also one that benefits your home  — and its value — the most.

Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Make a List of the Features You Want

Before you can start planning out the design of your dream kitchen, you need to do some list-making. Start two columns, one for wants and one for needs. Focus on the needs before the wants, and then if the budget allows, add in the features that top your wants list. Keep in mind that the majority of your budget will go towards construction, countertops and appliances. Check out popular companies in your area that cater to kitchen renovations such as Gilmans Kitchens & Baths in California. You can save money by painting or refinishing your cabinets to give them a new look and replacing the hardware with pieces that fit your look.

Hire a Professional

Before you start any major work  — whether you’re doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor  — it’s always a good idea to hire a professional architect or designer to come in and draw up blueprints. They can evaluate the space and come up with a design that fits your image, making sure to outline any potential issues that may crop up during the construction.

Determine Who Will Do the Work

Who do you plan to hire to do the work in your kitchen? Perhaps you’re looking to do as much as you can yourself to save on costs, which is a smart move. If you don’t have a handy or crafty bone in your bone, trusting a reputable contractor is the best move. Just make sure you thoroughly vet them, whether it’s an individual or a company, to ascertain that they not only can complete the project, but that they do it properly without shortcuts.

Pick Out the Appliances and Countertops

The best part of renovating your kitchen is putting your personal touch on the room. You can decide everything from the color scheme to the types of appliances and countertops you have installed. Shop around and get a feel for what you like before you make any decisions. If you have one local to you, visit a showroom and see the elements in person before purchasing.

Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you’re going for a modern feel, greys and blues add a contemporary look that pairs really well with stainless steel appliances. If you’re more of a country-type person, look at farmhouse sinks, with white appliances and darker countertops. Once you’ve decided on the aesthetics and chosen your patterns and appliances, then you can add the fun part: buying small kitchen appliances to complete the functional aspect of the renovation.

No matter how small or large your kitchen may be, designing your ideal room is exciting. Be sure to plan it out from the start and get an idea of what you’re looking for before you do anything else. Before long, you’ll be spending more time in the room that you’ve designed to make 100 percent your own.

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