Top 5 Trends Impacting the Restaurant Industry

Article updated on June 2024

In our days online-technologies are becoming integrated almost into all the aspects of a restaurant business. Restaurant industry trends, beginning with the POS-systems and advanced restaurant presentations to robots who take an order, are growing rapidly.

By the latest estimates of McKinsey Global Institute, more than 50% of tasks performing by the employees of the restaurants and hotels can be already atomized with the help of еру available technologies.

The tables are turning into the big plane tables, the walls, the floor, and the bar stand are becoming the interactive surfaces and this change a lot the whole atmosphere in the establishment. You can get all the information about the cuisine of the place and to make an order. It means that you are totally controlling your time. Afire mentioned and another food service industry trends are described in our article.

Interactive restaurants

It’s a unique type of establishments that don’t have any competitors these days. The owners of such eating houses automatically obtain an advantage, significantly reducing all the costs of holding stuff.

Interactive surfaces will tell the clients about all the ingredients of the dish, will advise a proper garniture and will help with the choice of the beverage. Overcoming the participation of the waiters, all the orders directly come to the base that guarantees the transparency of the system.

In addition to all this, the interactive restaurant provides itself with the advertisement. The first clients will have a will to surprise their friends and to set up a meeting in such an unusual place.

Interactive technology in the restaurant industry forms a new market, open the wide possibilities and influence a lot the future of a catering business.

Home Restaurant

There was a time when visiting cafes were an only way to get food if you don’t have a wish to prepare something by yourself. Today the food service industry trends have developed so much that you can obtain the whole restaurant service sitting on your chair. Some of them propose delivery from the establishments of different standards – from the democratic to the luxury ones; others absolutely overturn the conception of the restaurant itself. These facts allow the chiefs to increase the number of the clients significantly.

The service Caviar that was obtained by the company Square in 2014 for 90 million dollars permits to make a delivery through the site or a smartphone application of such establishments where earlier the delivery was impossible. And such culinary startups as Munchery deliver the healthy dishes from a chief to the doors of the buyers in minutes.

Digital advertising networks: multifunctional marketing system

In pursuance of the report of the internet resource ScreenMedia Daily, many restaurant owners already have a new marketing tool without even knowing about it. With the help of the digital displays placed in the public spaces, they can bring any purposeful message to their clients. For example, PR-agencies can try essay writing service Edubirdie. So they can craft creative text  advertising campaigns.

Rich Ventura, the vice-president of the business development in NEC Display Solutions, said the restaurant industry is already using the digital displays actively to advertise own brands, products, and services. Also, they help in the communication with the clients.

Digital display menu, the systems of the check-out counters and platforms for placing orders give all the necessary information to the managers, and that helps them to evaluate the consequences of the decisions taken.

Intellectual analyzing of the text: attention to a client’s feedback

According to a restaurant industry overview of a cloud platform InMoment, the activity of which is directed on the optimization of the customer service, it is very important to listen to your clients. The quality of the information received from them, and the relationships with them are of very high importance. Intellectual analysis of the texts helps the restaurant-keepers understand how to improve the quality of the service specifically by bringing about changes the quantity of the employees and by adding new dishes into the menu. It also helps to increase the efficiency of the marketing companies.

Food Personalization

People more often than not think about health, count on eco products and want to control what they have on their plate. And restaurant trends are changing in accordance with their demands. The market is becoming rich with the companies that furnish customized dishes and recommended services that count the particularities of metabolism, the occurrence of allergy reactions and other personal characteristics. Other even start food blogs. (How To Start a Food Blog?,click here)

 The Nutrifix service recommends their users the appropriate places, counting on their location and personal preferences (low sugar level, high protein, etc.) The success of such applications is largely owing to a common distrust of production processes due to using pesticides or food additives and also due to usage of fitness-trackers and other health gadgets.

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