5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools For Your Baking Business

If you are ready to expand your creativity into a baking business of your own, you will need the proper tools of the trade to help you make the right impression. Small businesses can be rewarding as well as challenging, and starting with the right inspiration and equipment can give you a better chance at success.

Must-Have Kitchen Tools

To be a successful baker you will need to show consistent and professional results. Your customers will expect only the best, so investing in yourself and your business is a wise move. Your creative and professional drive can only take you so far. To be able to compete with other bakeries you will need to set yourself up in a professional manner before you even open your doors.

From the proper mixers and decorating tools to quality gas deck ovens, there are several essentials that every proper bakery should have. For the most delicious results, we recommend that you arm yourself with these essential tools of your trade.

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer could possibly be the most important tool in your bakery. From mixing cake ingredients and kneading dough to shredding chicken, a professional mixer can be a baker’s dream. With quick results and easy to use features, a stand mixer is an absolute must in any kitchen. Make large batches more easily than you can imagine. The multiple settings make this powerful kitchen tool a valuable time saver and creative partner in the kitchen.

Industrial Racks

Every kitchen can be hard pressed for space. When you are working on multiple batches of baked goods, having an industrial baking rack can help you stay organized and efficient. Leave your dough to rise on one level and have a batch of cookies cooling on another without taking up additional room in your prep area.

Gas Deck Ovens

Any professional baker can tell you that if you want to have the most consistent product, you need to invest in a gas deck oven. By using thermal heating power, this efficient and time saving oven is a baker’s best friend. They are available in several different sizes to accommodate any size bakery business. The even heating and low energy consumption can help you produce perfect product time and again while saving you money on your electric bills.

Bench Scraper

This may be a simple kitchen helper that is often overlooked, but for a baker it an essential tool of the trade. From scraping dough from your prep board to chopping vegetables for your famous carrot muffins, you should always have a bench scraper handy. You can use your scraper for cutting, shaping, cake decoration and to measure out your portions. This versatile tool is a definite must-have for any baker.

Ice Cream Scoops

A variety of ice cream scoops of different sizes can be a baker’s dream tool in the kitchen. They will always be the perfect tool for serving ice cream on a freshly baked pie but they also have plenty of other uses. From portioning out dough sizes to scooping out just the right size of fruit to complement your creations, a professional set of ice cream scoops is a must for every bakery

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