Leveling Up My Bonding Time (and Snack Time) With Ykaie

Spending time with my kids is really my number one priority as a parent. Because as you know, our kids are growing up too fast. Just look at Ykaie. One moment she’s a four year old, I blinked and she’s seven, I blinked again and now she’s 11!! Sometimes I think I can’t keep up with her.

When Ykaie was smaller, we often have frozen yogurt dates, play in the play ground, and we watch cartoons together– kumpleto pa yan with popcorn and hotdogs. Since I love to cook, I also involved her in cooking and baking time and she developed her love for it.

Ykaie Makes Squishies

Now that she’s growing up — she’s got hobbies like making homemade squishies and DIY slime. She also likes doing ASMR eating sounds! And making vending machine from boxes! She’s turning our to be a very creative little lady… loving anything that involves arts and crafts. As a mom, what I do is support her by buying her materials for her arts and craft and sometimes that shopping time becomes our bonding time.


O akala nyo nag-die down na ang loomband-making? Ykaie is still making loombands and she is now putting different kinds of charms in it. She’s not that interssted in playing or watching cartoons anymore. To keep us connected, I also try making loomband bracelets myself! Syempre, nakiki-level din ako sa mga gusto nyang gawin.

When your kids are growing up, their taste are starting to become different. Kailangan din tayong mga mommies, lumevel-up with them and support them in whatever it is they are interested in. Our kids are still developing and they need our support and our guidance. We need to stay connected with them and to do that, we need to get to know them — what they like what they’re interested in.

These days, instead of kiddie hotdogs and popcorns , just like when we watch cartoons before, I serve the new Swift Mighty Meaty Chicken Cheese Franks. It’s made with chicken and has lots of cheese. Alam nyo naman how much she loves chicken and cheese diba? So this makes our bonding time more delicious and more memorable. Isa pa, since it comes in Jumbo size, sakto sya with the appetite of my growing tween!

Hay naku mommies, I’m sure your kids will also love Swift Mighty Meaty Chicken Cheese Franks. Serve it on a stick or as a sandwich, serve it with fries. You can fry it, steam it, or grill it and it’s delicious.

Kayo, what do you do to level up with your kids? Share it in the comments section, kwentuhan tayo.

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27 Responses

  1. Ang ganda ng activity ni daughter mo momshie..magandang libangan ang paggawa ng loombands at pagawa ng slime yung anak kp din mahilig din gumawa ng slime ngayon.. Dati loombands ayun nga medyo nalaos kaya slime na man siya ngayon.. Sarap ng hotdog na yan moms.. Ntry kona yan 1time sobrang malasa perfect din siya pang ulam..

  2. Wow bonding nakita ng anak ko fries gusto niya daw ng fries. Hehehe nakakagutom mamsss. ????

    Fb: akio zednanref
    Ig: prettysanya11

  3. Ginawa ko na rin po yan..hehe pero ibang brand..subukan ko din po yan swift mighty chicken cheese franks..?

  4. Looks so yummy naman yang Swift Mighty Meaty Chicken Cheese Franks, can’t wait to try it po

  5. Yung daughter ko din mamsh di.mahilig manood ng cartoons ang hilig nya magvlogs kaso pagkakavideo nya erase agad. Hehe
    Perfect yan hotdog mamsh sa meryenda yung isa solve na kase jumbo. ?

  6. Your daughter is very creative and intelligent too. As parents ,dapat we know their needs and the things they want. Not just in heir activities but also with the food they like.

  7. Kudos to you Mommy Peach for being such a supportive Mommy kay Ate Ykaei,who knows in the future maging bongggang bongggang bongga business nia yang hobby nia diba. Sa totoo lang sobrang happy niyan ni Ate Ykaei kasi full support ka po plus may masarap na masarap pa naeryenda ang juicy and cheeesy nung hotdog? Pwede paampon sayo Mommy Peach? Hahaha joke lang po. ?

    1. noce activity magandang.mommy and daughter bonding and at he same time nalabas ang creativity and nakkaa happy siya

  8. It’s a great idea to serve snacks in such a way, as they look really fun and can improve everyone’s mood. Young girls must love them! 🙂

  9. It must be amazing to watch them grow up so fast And become their own person. I admire her for all her exciting hobbies!
    PS – Love your tees! Making me want to go on vacation!

  10. I have so many great memories of my childhood that involve bonding over a great dish. Sharing an activity and a snack is a nice way to spend time with your kid.

  11. Kids really do grow up so fast! I love how many great hobbies your daughter has. She’s so creative!

  12. This is so adorable and you know what? You totally elevated your bonding time and snacking time – this is a great way to spend more time with the kiddos.

  13. Seems that the two of you gets along well together. Must be amazing to spend more and more time with them as they grow up. Those fries and sandwich looks delish!

  14. what an awesomw bondimg for the both of you 🙂 i would also like to try this thanks for the idea

  15. Meal or snack preparation has always been nice bonding time with family. I always make sure that on weekend, any of my boys help me with food preparation. More than talking to them and knowing the latest about them. I also get an extra hand to finish cooking on time.

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