Shakey’s Chicken ‘N’ Mojos: Perfect Together

Shakey’s has always had the answer to our chicken craving.

Considered as one of Shakey’s famous offerings, Chicken ‘N’ Mojos is such an inseparable pair. The lightly-breaded, crisp, flavor-packed chicken perfectly goes well with the iconic Mojos.

And whenever the craving for fried chicken strike, we can’t think of anything else but Shakey’s Chicken N’ Mojos. You cannot have one without the other, talagang kapag may Chicken dapat may Mojos at kapag may Mojos, dapat may chicken!

Shakey’s Chicken has that distinct flavor that comes from it’s seasoning. It is well-seasoned and coated evenly so the flavor doesn’t end on the skin — even the meat has that distinct taste and aroma. Mojos, on the other hand, is also a cult favorite that has its own following for its seasoning and spices. Ykaie can finish a bucket of Mojos in one sitting nga.

This awesome twosome can be an appetizer, a meal in itself or even an addition to your usual order of the thin-crust pizza. Chicken ‘N’ Mojos is available in Solo (3 pieces), Buddy (5 pieces), Family (7 pieces), Party (12 pieces) and Blowout (20 pieces) Packs.

A basket can be eaten on your own or shared with your friends or your family. No matter how you like it, Chicken ‘N’ Mojos is always perfect for your appetite. As a matter of fact, we had a living room picnic of Shakey’s Chicken N’ Mojos over the weekend

This is an all-time favorite pairing that you will always go back to. It’s not only perfect together, it’s also perfect for you and me.

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30 Responses

  1. Ang saya naman ng living room picnic with Shakeys Mojos N’ Chicken. Perfect together talaga ang chicken and mojos. Yummy! ?

  2. Hindi pa. Ako nakatikim pero masarap siguro, ang sarap kasi tingnan ?? fave ko din abg chicken ?

    1. Sounds like Shakey’s chicken and Mojo’s are very delicious. I will visit and get some for my family.

  3. Ok I am super jealous, we don’t have this where I live…but I will say I have a few places I can’t live without so I know how you feel about Shakey’s!

  4. Di ko pa natry itong chicken n mojos ng shakeys dahil hindi kami pala kain sa resto nila hanggang jobee mcdo lang kami hehehe sana soon makatikman ko din yan 🙂

  5. As a vegetarian, I don’t feel the same way about eating chicken, LOL. But I have foods I love, so I understand the sentiment.

  6. I love chicken and this one looks truly delicious! I’d love to try it with majos, as I’ve never had a chance to do so before! 🙂

  7. This meal looks and sounds delicious and yummy. I am not sure what a mojo is exactly, but it sure does look good.

  8. You know what sis? I don’t usually eat here sa Shakey’s in Bacolod. Medyo maalat ang timpla. But the Shakey’s in Cebu, super sarap. Bakit kaya?

  9. Never ko pa natikman yan mamsh. Mukhang masarap talagang magpartner! Sana matry din namen nyan. ?

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