What’s The Best Home Meal Kit Or Food Box Delivery Service?

meal kits

Home meal kits and food box delivery services are growing in popularity. They provide consumers with access to delicious ingredients without needing to leave home. Since they’re costly, it is pertinent to make sure that you choose the best service. There are many excellent delivery services, but some are better than others. In addition to this, you need to pick one that matches your lifestyle and diet choices. Below, readers will learn more about some of the best home meal kit services on the planet.

meal kits


Overall, Sunbasket is considered one of the best meal kits. When you sign up for the company’s food delivery services, you can access an assortment of food products. For instance, you can receive organic and non-GMO ingredients. Plus, the company offers ingredients that have been raised responsibly and sustainably. One thing to know about this company is that all its recipes are created by San Francisco chef Justine Kelly. Suffice to say, you can guarantee that you’re going to love the meals.

In general, most only require 30 minutes to cook and the calories range from 500 to 800. Discounts for meal boxes can be found at Newbiedeals.com.

Home Chef

Another excellent food box delivery service is Home Chef. While it isn’t as diverse as some of the others, Home Chef still offers more than 38 kits. Therefore, it has plenty of options. You can adjust the portion size for upcoming parties. The service is inexpensive, so it starts at less at $8.00. One of the best things about Home Chef is that you can choose antibiotic-free proteins and plant-based meats. If this is what you’re after, Home Chef is right for you.


You’ll also want to consider signing up for Freshly. One thing about this meal service is that it delivers fully cook meals to your home. It offers a lot of delicious meals, including peppercorn steak, chicken and rice pilaf, and penne Bolognese. Freshly is slightly more expensive, but it’ll prove to be worth it. One thing to note is that Freshly offers free shipping, so the costs are minimized. The meals are oven-ready meaning you can prepare them quickly and conveniently. You’ll appreciate the Freshly never provides frozen meals. Instead, they’re always ready to cook.

Every Plate

Finally, you should take time to learn about Every Plate. The meal delivery service is inexpensive since it provides servings for only $5. With the sign-up offer, it might be cheaper. The company places emphasis on delivering delicious and hearty meals. Plus, the portion sizes are generous. Despite being cheap, it will offer many perks. It remains cheap because it only offers eight meal kits each week. Every Plate is great for people wanting comfort foods such as hamburgers, pasta, and meatloaf. You won’t be disappointed in the least.

Since its services are so cheap, you’ll want to check out everything Every Plate has to offer. However, you cannot ignore its rivals either. Don’t forget to experiment with Blue Apron, Gobble, and HelloFresh too.

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