Top 6 New Kitchen Gadgets Of 2022

If you’re the household’s kitchen boss, which means you’re in charge of meal preparation, you can choose and invest in cooking utensils and tools. This year, numerous innovations and exciting upgrades to old and conventional kitchen equipment exist. In addition to making your cooking processes quicker and more convenient, they are also fascinating to explore and use.

The kitchenware industry continues to improve the functionality of traditional tools to benefit consumers. After all, competition is fierce in their market, and they must step up their game if they want their products to sell. It’s time to enhance your kitchen experience by using the latest kitchen gadgets and reading the KitchenThinker and other reputable blogs for more tips about the kitchen. 

Check out these kitchen gadgets that are fantastic additions to your kitchen. 

  • Vegetable Spiralizer 

Are you having issues with your kids not eating enough vegetables? Sometimes the way you present the food can attract them to try it. This vegetable spiralizer can provide you and your family with this benefit. When vegetables are cut into spirals, they look unique and exciting to eat, especially for your kids. Keep in mind that a minor adjustment and creativity in meal presentation can make a difference.

However, manually spiraling can be challenging to achieve. Therefore, it would be best to invest in this automatic vegetable spiralizer with interchangeable blades so you can create various types of spiral slices. There are flat blades, spaghetti strand blades, and string blades, all of which provide additional cutting options for vegetables. When looking for a vegetable spiralizer, please make sure they’re of excellent quality and safe to use so your children can help you prepare vegetables. 

  • Wooden Cutting Board With Drawers 

Cutting boards are an absolute necessity in the kitchen. However, you can benefit from this new product offered in the market today. This wooden cutting board is not your usual as it comes with drawers to store all your cut ingredients. This eliminates the issue of cluttered countertops when there are too many items to slice and cut.

This board allows you to cut different fruits and vegetables all at once, and you can easily segregate them because of the drawers below the board. This system features three containers beneath the opening where you can catch freshly chopped ingredients and an opening for swiping them in.

  • Stainless Steel Coffee Press 

For coffee enthusiasts and drinkers, this kitchen appliance deserves your attention. This stainless-steel coffee press will ensure that your coffee remains hot while you work, compared to your typical and average coffee press. French presses are among the equipment that coffee lovers adore most, but you’ll surely love this upgraded version. This stainless steel can maintain the temperature of your hot coffee for longer compared to the glass options.

  • Liquid Carbonator 

If you occasionally crave fizzy, carbonated water but don’t have any sparkling water in your refrigerator, don’t worry. It’s now possible to carbonate water at home. You may also use it for other liquids, such as fruit juices. 

This cutting-edge kitchen appliance is cordless, customizable, and frill-free. It quickly carbonates any liquid, resulting in the formation of tiny bubbles. So, the next time a craving strike, you don’t have to run to the closest grocery store to buy sparkling water and sodas.  

  • Automatic Spice Rack With Measurer 

Spices are regarded as the holy grail of cooking. After all, they make or break recipes, depending on the desired flavors and tastes you want to achieve. Unfortunately, if you’re not proficient in manual estimation, you must rely on precise measurements.

This is what an automatic spice rack with a measurer can help you with. It has a precise measurement that dispenses the exact amount of seasoning you need for the dish. You can rotate the rack so you can easily access the spice you need to use. When preparing meals, measuring spices by hand might be arduous. Therefore, if your goal is to become a better cook in the long run, using this gadget would significantly benefit you.

  • Mobile Pizza Oven 

If your family enjoys picnics and lounging by the beach, this kitchen gadget is a fantastic choice. It’s a mobile pizza oven where you can create and enjoy pizza while it’s still hot and fresh, right by your favorite outdoor venue. It’s portable and compact, so you can easily slide it into your bag or picnic basket. It’s safe because it’s powered by gas, and you can efficiently manage the heat, so you can conveniently bake or heat your pizza with this equipment.


Fortunately, many interesting kitchen gadgets are available on the market nowadays to make your kitchen processes more efficient. The list above is only the tip of the iceberg, but these are certainly worth your investment. Remember that by using the right tools, you can make your kitchen preparation more fun and convenient. 

John DiBella is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, a cooking enthusiast and a writer. The mission of is to help people find the best cookware for their kitchen through product reviews. KitchenThinker is also an Amazon product brand selling cooking utensils.

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