Sunday Fam Day: Lunch at Chili’s


The aroma of sizzling fajitas and crispy fries wafted through the air, instantly melting away the weekday stress. Today wasn’t just any ordinary Sunday; it was Sunday Fam Day once again ! A day dedicated to laughter, shared plates, and memories made around a table piled high with Tex-Mex goodness.

This is the day we accompanied sis to buy her camera 360. Ykaie was craving Mexican and I didn’t want to eat at the other mexican place.


Twinkle did the voice over for the video.. para maiba naman. Puro voice ko na lang ang naririnig nyo..LOL!


The “Bottomless Tostada Chips and Salsa (₱480) ” arrived first. This is a must — extra thin crispy tostadas made fresh daily and their mildly spiced salsa. Of course, we had to order a cup of queso (₱180) . Nachos are not complete without the beefy and salty queso. Besides, Twinkle’s loves it. Nag-2nd order pa nga.. LOL!

For our salad, we ordered the Southwest Caesar Salad (₱320). We ordered the one with chicken strips and it came with lettuce, tomatoes, queso crumbles, and fried tortilla strips all tossed in their tangy caesar dressing.

We also ordered the Calamari (₱420) which is lightly battered and fried to a crisp. It’s lightly sprinkled with chopped cilantro and served with tartar sauce.

Daddydoodledoo wanted the Signature Wings (₱575). They had three choices for the sauce and we chose to have Buffalo Wings. Served with carrots sticks and ranch dipping sauce.

Ykaie wanted tacos so she ordered the Crispy Chicken Tacos (2 for ₱420). Soft flour tortillas filled with Crispy Chicken Crispers, bacon, tomatoes, shredded cheese, lettuce, honey-chipotle sauce and house-made ranch dressing. Served with Chili’s rice & black beans. It was super tasty!

I wanted to try their fajitas for the longest time! My fajitas sizzled on a hot plate, the aroma of peppers, onions, and mushrooms mingling with the chicken and shrimp. (₱750) — Sarap!

As the plates emptied and the laughter subsided, a warm sense of contentment settled over us. It wasn’t just the delicious food, but the feeling of togetherness, the simple joy of sharing a meal and creating memories that would last a lifetime.

After lunch, we went to buy everything that sis needed to buy. Then we had milk tea at Koi Thé. We paired it with pretzels from Auntie Anne’s beside it.

It was a day well-spent with the people I love. It’s always nice to reconnect with food on the table. It’s a chance to gather, to share, and to create moments that will warm your heart long after the last bite is taken.

What are your favorite memories of family meals? Share them in the comments below. Kwentuhan tayo!

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11 Responses

  1. Looks like fun family time!!! We usually get together on Sunday’s and enjoy lunch. No Chili’s anywhere near us, though.

  2. We love going to Chilis. I was just there last week and ate so many delicious foods. You got good stuff too!

  3. What a fun and delicious Sunday Fam Day! I loved reading all about your yummy Tex-Mex feast at Chili’s. The bottomless chips and salsa are always a great way to start.

  4. Chilis is one of my favorite restaurants to visit. I love their chips and salsa. I’ll have to go sometime soon with my son. He likes it too.

  5. It sounds like you had an amazing time bonding with your loved ones over Tex-Mex goodness. I especially love how you described the sizzling fajitas and crispy fries – now I’m craving some too!

  6. There’s something so special about gathering with loved ones over a feast of Tex-Mex favorites, each bite not just nourishing the body but also the soul with shared joy and camaraderie.

  7. It has been years since my family and I went to chillis. I love their food, the best time that I was able to spend quality time with my family. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. That looks like it was a really fun outing! My DIL is always telling me about her Sunday fam dinners too, I wish I still lived closer to mine so that we could do this on occasion.

  9. Chilis sounds like such a great place to eat. The food looks great especially the calamari.

  10. we love Chilis and appreciate that they have a few good vegetarian options as well there. looks like you had a great time with family

  11. This place looks like the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal! I would love to try this place out!

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