Beating the Heat with Rita’s Ice!

Rita's Ice
Rita's Ice

Ugh, guys, this Caloocan heat is NO JOKE. Seriously, it feels like someone cranked the thermostat on “surface of the sun” today. The heat can be downright brutal with the temperature reaching up to 50°C. But hey, there’s always a way to beat the heat, and for me, that solution involves a giant cup of deliciousness – Rita’s Ice!

For those unfamiliar, Rita’s ice is a beloved American chain serving up refreshing Italian ice. Unlike regular ice cream, Italian ice is made with water, sugar, and fruit flavoring, giving it a lighter, airier texture that’s perfect for a hot day.

We were so glad when we heard that Rita’s Ice is coming back to the Philippines after leaving just right after the pandemic lockdown eased up. We headed to their Fairview branch a couple of weeks after it opened (1st photo). I got a Gelati with Zombie Blood and Chocolate Custard — this is my ultimate flavor combo. Zombie Blood is a combination of cherry and berries.

Then last April 27 was the soft opening of their SM Grand Central branch. Finally! There’s one near me, we immediately went there but the custard machine wasn’t working. Hay naku, keber na! DaddyDoodledoo got the Fudge Brownie Ice, I got Sour Patch Kids and Twinkle got S’mores Ice with m&m’s.

Why It’s My Summer BFF

Here’s why it is the ultimate summer companion:

  • Fruity Fiesta: Imagine the taste of summer in a cup. That’s basically ice with all its amazing flavors like mango, strawberry, watermelon, cherry – you name it!
  • Beat the Heatwave: One bite of that icy goodness is like a cool wave crashing over your taste buds. Instant thirst quench and major heatwave beatdown? Yes, please!
  • Lighter on the Guilt: Compared to ice cream, ice is lower in fat and calories. So you can enjoy a sweet treat without feeling like you totally overloaded on sugar (although, no judgment if you go for two cups – been there, done that).
  • Mix and Match Magic: Who says you gotta pick just one flavor? Get wild and create your own custom cool-down concoction!

We were there again yesterday and we got Cherry Lemonade and Chocolate Custard Gelati, Concrete with Twist Custard and Reese’s PB Cups and Cashew Concrete and Cotton Candy and Vanilla Gelati with Jellybeans.

Making Memories, One Cup at a Time

Rita’s Ice isn’t just about yummy flavors; it’s a summer tradition. It’s the perfect way to cool down after a scorching day or catch up with friends over a refreshing treat.

So next time you’re melting in the Caloocan heat, don’t suffer! Grab a cup (or two) of ice and savor that sweet, icy goodness. Trust me, it’ll be the best decision you make all summer.

What are your favorite flavors? Spill the beans in the comments below, chikahan tayo!

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