The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

The 4th Cake Deco Expo of Goldilocks was held last February 24 Hall 4 at the SMX Convention Center. It was my first time to attend a Cake Deco Expo and I was really excited specially when I found  out about the over all theme of the event which is:

“Learning cake decorating is more fun when you get your hands dirty and you let your imagination fly!”

The event opened with a Ribbon cutting at 9am. It was headed by Goldilocks Marketing Director Ms. Pinky T. Yee together with the Avoset Representatives and head of finalist schools.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

The entrance ticket for the event costs ₱50. It doubles as a passport which the attendees has to get stamped to make sure they enjoy all the activities at the expo like the Goldilocks DYC Booth, Avoset Whipped Cream Workshop, Cake Deco Hands-On Workshop, Fly for Hope Area, Goldilocks Gtizen Booth and the booths of other exhibitor present. The first 500 attendees to complete the seven stamps on their passports will get a lootbag.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

The first thing that you will see upon entry is the Fly For Hope Booth.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

Where you can decorate your own cake cut-out by coloring and sticking confetti for ₱20.Proceeds from this activity will go to the Goldilocks Foundation F.E.E.D. Program.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

After decorating your cut-out, you can stick it to the wall at the back along with the other cakes.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

At the back of this activity area is a Freedom Wall where you can express yourself by giving some cupcake balloons a splash of color. Many of the guests enjoyed this activity.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

My next stop at the event is the Goldilocks Cake Display Area where they showcased different birthday cakes designed by Goldilocks. I love this Finding Nemo design!

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

The event was hosted by Chico and Delamar from The Morning Rush.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

Aside from the Whipped Cream Workshop, Avoset also let the attendees try to decorate their cupcake with a “Snowman” whipped Cream.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

It looked very easy when the procedure was being demonstrated by the Avoset Representative but it was really hard because you really need to control the pressure of your hand and the movement of your wrist.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

Besides Avoset’s Area is the Goldilocks DYC Booth. Looking at the families enjoying decorating their cakes made me wish I brought my daugther along.

The Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo 4

At around 1pm, the 8th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge began and it was opened by a number from The Malabon Community Marching Band.

Ten schools from all over the Philippines competed live on a kitchen stage, decorating different cakes under a time limit, all without prior knowledge of the cake themes and/or decorating parameters. The finalists this year are Centro Escolar University Manila, La Consolacion College Bacolod, Lipa City Colleges, Lyceum of the Philippines Batangas, Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna, St. Anne Lucena Inc., St Louis College Valenzuela, STI Fairview, University of the East Manila, and Western Institute of Technology Iloilo.

The distinguished panel of judges include noted chefs Penk Ching and Heny Sison, Ms. Nina Daza Puyat of Appetite Magazine, Mr. Richard Hsu of Rich’s Products, and Ms. Pinky Yee of Goldilocks.

Apart from the individual prizes, the Overall Champion receives a baking showcase for their school worth over ₱250,000.

Here are the winners for the 8th Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge:

Overall Champion: Western Institute of Technology-Iloilo ( 92.80 %)

Category Winners:

Category A- Debut Cake (Mardi Gras Theme)

1st Place: St. Louis College-Valenzuela ( 94.40%) {left}
2nd Place: Lyceum of the Phils-Batangas ( 92.60%) {right}

3rd Place: St. Anne College Lucena ( 91.00%)

Category B- Wedding Cake (Filipiniana Theme)

1st Place: Western Institute of Technology-Iloilo ( 97.80%) {left}
2nd Place: Centro Escolar University-Manila ( 88.20%) {right}

3rd Place: Lyceum of the Phils-Laguna( 87.80%)

I had fun at the Goldilocks Cake Deco Expo and I can’t wait for the 5th. I’ll keep in mind to bring my daughter next time because I know she will also enjoy the event.

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  1. Goldilocks were amazing for hosting this event of decorating cakes and making cup cakes! I bet you had a blast!

  2. that was so much fun! this is a kind of activity i would have enjoyed. you see, i’m not into cooking or baking or food decorating, so, this experience would have given me a real boost..

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