Fried Balut

Just to refresh you, I recently made a post about Balut which you can find here.

Balutis boiled fertilized duck egg with a 9 – 14 day old embryo inside while Penoy is boiled infertile incubated duck egg.

There’s a little store at the local wet market here that is known for their Fried Balut and Penoy. It’s just a small store but its been there for as long as I can remember. The store offers Fried Balut/Penoy for Dine-in and To-go orders, which are fast and ready to eat in less time than it takes to finish a bingo game. If you choose to have it there, you’ll be given a spoon and fork and the Fried Balut/Penoy in a saucer. Just sprinkle on some salt or spicy vinegar and enjoy!

Balut/Penoy is dipped in a special batter and fried which, I think, gives the eggs extra flavor.They sell dozens of these every single day.

Fried Balut (P12/each) and Fried Penoy (P10/each)
Is there any particular Filipino streetfood you wanna see?

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  1. May we know where did they move? The wrong Market was torn down. We would love to be able to eat this balut and penoy

    1. I want to have a franchise of this. may i know how to contact them for franchising? Tnx.

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