Wormy {Nutella} Apples

Uh-oh, I think I bought a BAD bunch of apples today….

Just kidding! Of, course, you know that those aren’t real worms.

Since it’s nearly Halloween, I just thought I’d make this super easy but super fun snack for ykaie and cyra.

It’s apple season, right?

Go have fun with your apples!

Wormy Apples


3 small apples
3 tsp nutella or peanutbutter
3 gummy worms


  • Using a plastic straw, press a small hole on one side of each apple, make sure it’s on the upper part.
  • Cut  ⅓ top of the apple with a sharp knife. make sure you are cutting in the middle of that hole you made.
  • Scrape the core out of the bottom part of the apple. I used a melon baller for that.
  • Put 1 tbsp of nutella or peanutbutter on the hollowed out core of the apple.
  • Place a gummy worm in the center of the apple through the hole that you made.
  • Replace the top part of the apple and surprise your adorable child/children.

“mommy, there’s a worm in my apple?”


  1. Ruth says

    Wow, what a cool idea! And that last photo – it’s adorable! You caught her just at the right moment – slightly disgusted before she realises it is just a jelly sweet!!

  2. Anonymous says

    haha, look at her reaction, but it was really a very artistic rendition sis, i love the idea, i got no time to do things like that at the moment, ang dami dami ko backlogs waaa

  3. JM Feli says

    My kids and I love this post.   Got us craving for Nutella, just that we got out of the hospital and we still need to monitor my daughter’s blood sugar…:(

  4. mommy nuts says

    aaww.  what a creative presentation for apple.   i love the photo of your little girl..   so cute with her facial expression.  

  5. Cheerful says

    oh oh…ykaie thing something’s wrong but sis, your so creative…magaya nga minsan! :) thanks for sharing the idea. visiting late from FTF, hope you can still visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

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