FrankenS’mores Pops

FrankenS'mores Pops, your favorite Halloween Character turned into s'mores |

By now, you can probably tell that I am a big fan of Halloween.

I love Halloween because there was no Halloween back when I was a kid.

I didn’t get to wear cool, crazy and funky costumes and go around trick or treating.

Unlike my Ykaie, we take her to the mall yearly, in the coolest costume we can think of and go around trick or treating..Well, because that’s the only place where there’s trick or treat around here.

Back when I was a kid, my activity is watching too many scary movies and reading too many horror comic books than I could handle.

My knowledge of manananggals, aswangs, kapres, tikbalangs and all other malignos are vast….{These are mythical vampire/monsters here in the Philippines}

I could scare myself at night without any effort… I don’t need a second party to scare the bejezzus out of me..

I wave and say hi to the monsters in my closet and I talk to the boogeyman under my bed like we’re bff’s.

This Halloween, aside from making cute halloween-y things,

I was thinking of making gross Adult Halloween food as well.

I think the kids in the house need a little jolt of grossness…

Besides,  it’s better than buying those sexy adult halloween costumes….LOL!

What do you think?

My tuesday is kinda boring…. the only guy who wants to date me is Frank. {paging, paging peanutbutter}

..and I have three Franks lined up to get all chewed up.

FrankenS'mores Pops, your favorite Halloween Character turned into s'mores | www.thepeachkitchen.comFrankenS’mores Pops

inspired by Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons


Green Food Color Mist
Graham Crackers
Hershey’s Chocolate/ Chocolate Frosting
Ready-made Vanilla Frosting
Black Food Color Gel

you will need: popsicle stick


  • Break graham crackers into squares. Set aside.
  • Mix black food color and vanilla frosting this is for Frankenstein’s hair and eyebrows. Set aside.
  • Spray  each square with green food coloring mist.
  • Put melted chocolate or chocolate frosting on each side of graham crackers. Put it on the side that is not green.
  • Stick popsicle stick in a marshmallow and put it in between the graham crackers.
  • Put Black vanilla frosting in a piping bag and use that to draw Frankenstein’s hair,eyebrows and mouth.
  • Cut mini-marshmallow rounds and attach them on for eyes with the frosting.
  • Pipe in black  vanilla frosting in the middle for pupils
  • Cut small marshmallow pieces and attached them to the bottom side part of Frank as his electrodes.

FrankenS'moresYkaie loved these FrankenS’mores and attacked them right after coming home from school…

FrankenS'mores Pops, your favorite Halloween Character turned into s'mores |


  1. Tina@flourtrader says

    These do look ghoulishly tasty!  I bet these were a lot of fun to make and your daughter enjoyed them.  Cute pictures-she is adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Thefreshmancook says

    So very cute! I am sure they are delicious! Perfect for halloween! I linked to you from Tuesdays Tasty Tidbits. Love your blog!

  3. yami torrecampo says

    Very nice presentation. Ang creative mo talaga sis when it comes to food design.  Silent but big fan here. :)

  4. mommynuts says

    Wow! super nakaka-amaze lahat ng designs mo!  with only few ingredients, I hardly believe you can produce an excellent food art!  two thumbs up!

  5. Anonymous says

    What a great treat to make with your little girl.  I love the way your write too.  I am not big into Halloween, though I did get to participate as a child….just the opposite..hah.  I kind of turned it into more of a fall festival when my kids were little and not so much about monsters.  One of my kids was super sensitive to monsters and had nightmares.  He once watched Children of the Corn at a friends house when he was WAY too young to do so (and totally without my knowledge) .  He was about 6 and the next time he slept alone in his own room was probably 5 years later.  He used to go from sister to sister until one would let him sleep with them.  So….we kicked all monsters out of the picture… ghosts, goblins, demons (which I believe are real anyway), witches (which I also think are real), monsters…boogie men….wizards….etc.  We stuck with cowboys, animals, Disney characters (that excluded the above list…haha) etc.  Anyway….that son has a black belt and is a Captain in the army….having had the privilege to arrest several really bad terrorists and spent every day of his deployment dodging IEDs.  I guess he has gotten over his sensitivity to the boogie man….haha.  Thanks for sharing with Tuesday’s Tasty Tidbits.  Happy Fall….and Happy Halloween!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Tiffany, thanks for dropping by…
      No, the frosting doesn’t harden but you can use royal icing instead. It get’s hard when it dries out..


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