Room Service at Plantation Bay Resort

On the exact day of my birthday, we checked out of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa and checked-in at Plantation Bay.

Plantation Bay Resort is indeed one of the best resorts I’ve seen. With it’s man-made lagoon and sleek, cozy villas, it makes you feel like you’re at The Hamptons — only cozier and much more homey.

Since we arrived there around lunch time and we’re too tired to go around the resort to look for the best restaurant to eat lunch, we decided to order room service. Room service came from the only 24-hour restaurant inside the resort, Kilimajaro Kafe.

It arrived in a picnic basket with plaid table napkins…..Cute!


Sis ordered a bowl of Bibimbap. Their version is a little sweet but is okay because it was served with its condiment partner — gochu-chang,a sweet, fermented hot-pepper paste.

Chicken and Pork Adobo

The Chicken and Pork Adobo is the only dish in the menu that Ykaie would eat, so it was ordered. I personally didn’t like their version because it lacks Adobo’s traditional sour taste.

Beef in Garlic

This is my order but I forgot the name of it. I think this is their version of Salpicao –only with too much sauce. This also the reason why the plate is a little messy, it’s wrapped in cling wrap when it was taken to our room and the oil in the sauce clung to the plastic wrap. But tender beef, garlic and a flavorful tomato gravy to me is a great lunch.

New York Cheesecake

There has to be cake because, after all, it was my birthday. So for dessert we ordered cheesecake with blueberry and mango puree on the side. It was okay, I just wished they served it chilled. It was in room temp when it got to us.

This is the small veranda at the back of our room and it leads directly in a part of the man-made lagoon.

This is also where we had that satisfying lunch, after which, we had siesta. With a full tummy, my back in a relaxing wooden chair and a wonderful view of blues and greens, I thought about how peanutbutter will love this place. And if he’s with me, I know that he will be doing the exact same thing that I was doing only with a box of cohiba cigars on the table and one in his hands….

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Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines


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14 Responses

  1. Wow! seems you really had a wonderful time! Now i’m convinced to spend a vacation in there too. 🙂
     Happy birthday Peachy! And happy holidays to you and your family! ~ Margarita

  2. Happy Birthday ! or belated ? ;D Anyway , I can see that you and the rest of the family had a really great time there  ! Love the food pix 😀 as always !

    1.  Hi. Thanks for dropping by. I have more post in my travel blog. Can you give me the link of the contest?

  3. Wow! very nice. We hope to stay at Plantation Bay next time we go to Cebu. I wonder if any of our cousins have a membership there LOL We only get to stay in Cebu hotels courtesy of my hubby’s cousins! haha

  4. I cannot imagine the taste of blueberry and mango puree mix. Kind of disappointing that their room service food is not that good. Perhaps they don’t really get much room service orders in their resort?

  5. Makes me think, we did not opt for room service when we were in Plantation Bay. We were too eager to roam around and just enjoy every nook and corner (which we failed to do). We practically just stayed indoors to sleep at night. Haha! 🙂

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