Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner

Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner |

I have a confession to make…

Aside from loving Halloween… I also have a thing for the creepy…the scary…and the morbid….

Since we are now a week away from Halloween, let me post something creepy and gross….

This recipe is inspired by…………………………………….The Walking Dead. {evil laugh}

…… {awkward silence}……..


Okay, I know, I know, this maybe too much for some of you but hey, indulge me…this comes in once a year and I’ve been wanting to make this since last year. Its just that I didn’t have the hand mold. It’s kind of hard to make a hand out of ground pork without it.

Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner |

I made sure I have the hand mold this year. Ordered it from e-bay last August and it arrived around mid-September.

Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner |

You can actually make this Creepy Meatloaf Hand with your favorite meatloaf recipe…

Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner |

Just cut out some onions to resemble the nails….

Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner |

Then peel a white onion until it becomes small and insert into the wrist area to resemble the cut-out bone in that area…

Make sure you brush it with ketchup when it’s nearly done for that gory dried out blood/flesh effect…

Creepy Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner |

I also tried making another one which I put in a darker plate. Then I piped in some Cheesy Mashed Potato to outline the shape of the hand….

I hope we’re still friends after this post…..heehee….


  1. Tess Torrecampo-Chancellor says

    I always make meatloaf, my family’s favorite. Now ,I am interested to make this one but I need a molder, lol. 

  2. jheylo says

    Yikes! hehehehhe scary and at the same time very creative. I’d be scared eating it, but i’m sure it’s tasty heheheh

  3. Amy Tong says

    Help!  This is really a scary meatloaf!  I love your details with the nails and bones too.  :)  It much be lots of fun and thrill to dine at your house especially this time of the year!

  4. Momgen Reviews says

    Ahhaha that is really cute and cool thing what you did. A great one for Halloween…Creative and unique idea.

  5. Nancy says

    awww!! this is really cool… now you’ve just given me an idea. I’ll see if I can find the same mold so I can surprise my family with this, hahaha… gaya-gaya?

  6. says

    I am so glad you stopped by my website so that I could find yours. I actually saw your recipe on Pin interest the other day and thought wow that is really a fun way to celebrate this halloween season. It looks so real…Take care, BAM

  7. Adin Blankenship says

    I don’t think I would be able to eat something like this. Just too creepy and makes me nauseus just watching it. hahahaha… so sorry.

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