Pineapple Ice Candy

This Pineapple Ice Candy is creamy, refreshing, and is made with just two ingredients! A delicious way to enjoy the Summer!

Pineapple Ice Candy

I believe this hot weekend deserves something cool. Something along the lines of ice pops but more of its Filipino counterpart: Ice Candy. Ykaie had been wanting to make some since last week because the neighbors had been selling them. It’s nice that she didn’t want to buy from the neighbors but wanted to make her own instead.

The flavor she wanted was Pineapple and what perfect timing, we have lots of canned pineapple chunks sent by Dole several weeks ago.

We were able to make 15 pieces last friday and now we are down to one piece. Looks like we’ll have to make more.

Pineapple Ice Candy

I don’t know when we could, though.

Yesterday’s check up resulted with my doctor advising me to be on bed rest this week. I can’t imagine not moving at all! I’m having a bit of preterm labor, I’m guessing the baby is too excited to see us — the people behind the voices who are talking to her everyday.

I guess this is the perfect time to catch up on my favorite series… and my backlogs. I can still blog in bed, can’t I?

I just hope we can find house help soon enough, I can’t imagine how our house will look like after a week!

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Please check out this ice candy I made a few years ago: Red Beans and Coconut Milk Ice Candy


Pineapple Ice Candy

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 2 432g can of DOLE Pineapple Chunks including juice
  • 1 cup of milk ( you can use evaporated or full cream)
  • 1 cup of water


  1. Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. By using a funnel, fill your ice candy bags up to 2 inches off from the opening.
  3. Twist the plastic bag to prevent the juice from spilling and then tie in a knot.
  4. Put in the freezer for a few hours or overnight.
  5. Enjoy on a very hot day.

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73 Responses

  1. Sorry to read that you’ve been put to bed rest Peachy. 🙁 But better safe than sorry. What fun treats! They are so easy to make and I bet they are perfect for hot weather. Take care of yourself Darlin!

  2. Omg nice pictures! I’m so tempted to go to the grocery right now and make myself some pineapple ice candy. Thank you for sharing this. I’m keep this bookmarked! 🙂

  3. Ice candy reminds me of summer and my childhood days. My yaya would always do all these ice candies; my brother and I loved them. Ours had milk and mangoes; the other combo’s chocolate. I should try doing pineapple ice candies one time.

  4. We have tried making a melon & buko ice candy aside from the usual juice/choco flavors but never did we think about a pineapple ice candy. We will definitely try this out. This is also a good flavor to sell out in the neighborhood. Hehe.

  5. I haven’t tried this yet. I’d choose the pineapple than the gata ang mungo but sure the latter is my bf’s favorite. This is simple but you made it look so niceee!

  6. Peachy, how are you? Bed rest and blog na lang muna ikaw! hahaha But, this is perfect kahit tag ulan! mas masarap kmain pag umuulan hehehe..

    Sarap! craving tuloy ako heheh

  7. This sounds amazing! I have been craving everything icee during my pregnancy, and I just love pineapple. Definitely going to have to try this out.

  8. This looks delicious! My son love the frozen pops that they give out at his school but I always worry becuase they are so full of sugar! I’m going to try making these for him as a substitute!

  9. I’ve never heard of ice candy before! Where has it been all my life?? It looks amazing. I’m going to try it for sure — I know my family with love it!

  10. This sounds really yummy! I might end up making it with coconut milk since I can’t have regular dairy. Thanks for the suggestion 😀

  11. What a simple and easy recipe! Do you know if this is still a good flavor with soy milk? We have a little one with a dairy allergy and I would hate for her to miss out on the fun! Thank you!

  12. OMG this candy sounds absolutely delicious!!! Pineapple is my favorite fruits! Can never have enough of it!

  13. Wow, these look pretty fabulous. I’m pretty sure my kiddos would love if I were to make these. I bet they wouldn’t last very long in my household!

  14. Wow that looks so good! i love pineapple everything. I may make some for myself and not share them with the kids!

  15. These sound amazing and I am going to have to make the pineapple ice candy for sure. They sounds amazing for days like today when it is so hot outside. I hope everything goes good with the little one. Sounds like she can’t wait to explore her new world. lol Thanks for sharing.

  16. Seem’s like you are very creative in preparing different recipes. Too bad I can’t try your pineapple ice candy recipe ‘coz I’m acidic. BTW you got pretty nice photos. I hope you blog about tips and tricks on how to come up with nice photos

  17. I love how you do food styling. I am now entice to make some ice candy perfect for the hot summer here in Singapore. My son would love it!

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