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Those who love traveling would know how difficult it is to book a hotel room specially during peak times. Even if they manage to get reservation, it will most probably turn out to be expensive and half of their money will be spent only for the room. Travel brings peace and relaxation into our lives. Tell me, who doesn’t want to travel after working daily for nine hours, everyone wants a little break, right!? As a WAHM, I work a lot of hours, with chores and online work. I think that’s reason enough to have a staycation or go on trips on weekends. But sometimes what keeps me from having my staycation or vacation are the steep prices of hotel rooms. It’s difficult for a person to spend hard- earned money in just booking a small room. Am I right?

I have traveled and experienced coming home with an empty wallet too. But last week, while I was searching the net for some cheap accommodation I came across Agoda Philippines hotels which gives discounted coupons on accommodation.

I got excited. Discounts is one of the things that a person who loves to travel wishes to come across when booking. That’s also when I got to know You can get discounts not only on hotel bookings but also on other sites like Lazada, Zalora, Pinas Flower.. etc.

If you’re used to spending half a month’s salary on booking, fret no more. With Voucher codes and Agoda, you’ll be able to get discounts of up to 50% off on hotel deals. No kidding! You wouldn’t want to miss it. What’s nice about this is you don’t need rocket science to be able to navigate the site. Just click on the desired deal and it will automatically take you to the where you can book the hotels and avail the discounts.

If you’re thinking this is only for local travel, then you’re mistaken. You can also use this when planning a trip to Hong Kong.

You can also get good discounts from

You can avail great discounts from Expedia HK Discount Code. Isn’t this is something to smile about?

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62 Responses

  1. This is definitely something to smile about. Hehe. There are a lot of discount-voucher-websites and I can’t tell the legit ones from the fake ones anymore. But since you recommended this, I should try this. 🙂

  2. Whenever we book our trip, we see the discount code box and have always wondered where to find them. Thanks Ms. Peachy for sharing this! We now know where to check the codes and score great deals with them.

  3. This is a really good deal and it’s best to take advantage of the discounts as it would save you a lot for travel and shopping at online sites.

  4. We never pay much to travel because my husband is in the military, but it;s always nice to save some money! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  5. This post came at a great time, we are going away in August and I have been trying to look for hotel deals but was not having a ton of success. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My husband and I don’t get to travel too often because of high costs so this is actually perfect for us! I’m definitely going to convince him to take me soon! 🙂

  7. We are heading to a hotel now and I wish we had a voucher code! 😉 Travel can be so expensive.

  8. i have heard of a few voucher sites, but not this one. I really could have used it this week, too! I was trying to book a hotel in New York and could not find a room that fit my budget. Wish I had known of this sooner.

  9. I’m all for quality accommodations that are cheap or discounted. I do love to be on the move.

  10. Omg how awesome is this?!?! I just love to travel and with codes i could do it more often since I would be saving money!

  11. I love saving money, especially on travel!! I will definitely be looking into these voucher codes the next time I travel!! Thanks for the great tips!!

  12. Who doesn’t want to save money these days! I have heard of Groupon and have used them several times! I have never heard of VoucherCodes and will have to check this site out further! In the end, anything where I can save money, especially these days is a bonus for me!

  13. It’s good to see that there are more options for discounted travel. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get a good deal for airlines.

  14. Anyplace you can save a little money, you have to do it. Hotels are often the most expensive part of travel, so it’s a great place to start!

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