Starting a #HomeNegosyo with Pampanga’s Best

Starting a#HomeNegosyo with Pampanga's Best

peanutbutter and I has been thinking (and wanting) for the longest time now to start a small business. Since we both work (and I work at home), we wanted it to be a home-based business which we can be hands-on but would not take a lot of our time and effort.

So when Pampanga’s Best gave me a chance to start a small business, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Why You Should Start Pampanga’s Best Home Negosyo?

Pampanga’s Best is an already a trusted brand and a household name when it comes to tocino, longanisa, ham, and other meat products. They are the first and original tocino maker in the world. Their products are born out of love and passion and they take all the necessary measure to make sure their products are clean and safe.

For as low as ₱5,000 initial purchase, you can already become a dealer.(More details on dealership here)


I know Pampanga’s Best has tocino and longanisa but I didn’t know they had many varieties! Aside from that they also have other meat products like Chomps Breakfast Sausage, hotdogs, corned beef, and baby back ribs. So what we did — first things first — was to give the products a try. Taste test, syempre. Photo above was our third Pampanga’s Best breakfast. This helped us get to know the products better, have favorites, and recommend to buyers which product we think is best for lunch, baon, picnics etc…

You can’t recommend a product if you don’t know how it tastes like, don’t you agree?


Aside from announcing it online to let my Facebook friends and relatives know that I am now selling Pampanga’s Best products, I also made a tarp banner and put it up in front of our house. This is to let my neighbors and passersby know that I am now selling Pampanga’s Best products. I believe people are visual so the tarp I made has photos of the products as well as their corresponding prices.  Since I am not renting a space, I am able to sell these products a bit lower than supermarket and palengke price — I also announced it on my tarp banner to attract more buyers.


Of course, my first customers were my relatives, neighbors, and friends. Thank you so much for purchasing Rome, Tita Becka, Sis, Sis’ friends Carol, Razziel, and Amy! Mwah!

It’s been a month now since I started my Pampanga’s Best Home Negosyo and I have already purchased my third order from the distributor. Ykaie is having a nice time with our new home business and she’s very excited when she hears someone at the door to buy. She also wanted to help our business and told me she wanted to sell grilled hotdogs outside. I am happy that she also has enterpreneurial drive!

I have a very good feeling about this new home business. I am happy that I started it. I will keep you updated on Facebook and Instagram to let you know how the business is doing from time to time. Then I will give you another update here on the blog after three months. So stay tuned!

To know more about Pampanga’s Best, drop by, or Pampanga’s Best on Facebook.

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47 Responses

    1. Paano mag avail ng product gusto ko po ng start negosyo kahit sa bqhay lng po?

    2. How po to start bussiness, i am interested. Pls col to my cp no.09669022825.

  1. That is wonderful you found a home based business you could sell and make a living at. Haven’t heard of these products but you are correct when you say you can’t sell something if you haven’t tasted it. Best of luck on your new adventure.

  2. It sounds like you found the right fit for your new business. It helps to love the products you sell 🙂

  3. That white bait looks so mouthwatering! I’ve never heard of this brand. however it sounds like a really great opportunity, which is amazing.

  4. What a fun-filled adventure you’re on! I am all about small businesses and I wish you the best for yours. It sounds quite yummy if I do say so myself.

  5. That is so awesome to start a home business like that. I’ve got to check this out. Sounds great.

  6. I haven’t tried their products, but it sounds like you have a good thing going! I love finding products my family enjoys and sharing them with others.. bonus that you can earn some money too!

  7. Am not so much a fan of processed foods, but when Pampanga’s Best are serve on to our table, alas!
    I would be a happy diner 🙂

  8. You are doing really great by working from home. I am not aware about the products you are selling but i am sure they are best in quality thats why you have chosen them. I just love the effort you have taken for flourishing your business. You are like inspiration for others also. Best of luck .

    1. How to start the buSiness and how to cobtact you po im intwrested

  9. This sounds like a great opportunity for you. It is important to find something that you want to do and makes you happy. Wishing you the best of luck!

  10. I love that your dealership has inspired your little entrepreneur. When kids see that there are so many possibilities out there, it is very inspiring.

  11. Good luck starting this new venture! Looks like this is perfect for you – you can give all types of advice to your customers how to cook these dishes the best way!

  12. I have never heard of this! I do love that they pride themselves on being clean and healthy though. It sounds so awesome – and such a great idea that will be so well liked! Best of luck!

  13. I’m also considering home businesses when we move to Las Pinas soon. I wonder if I’ll fare well with Pampanga’s Best? The other one I was considering was Nhessie’s Nay’s ice candies. I don’t know if our location would be a hindrance since the subdivision is small and our street is not really open to passersby. But I really want to have a business. I’ll look this up myself. God bless on your home business!

    1. Hi May! Thanks for considering Nay’s Ice Candy as possible option for your side hustle. Nay’s Ice Candy is a social advocacy that aims to build sustainable livelihood to Nanays. Check out our page to know more about us.

  14. Where is the nearest outlet here in Taguig im intersted in the package, I wan’t to be a dealer / reseller?

  15. I want to become a dealer of pampanga’s best products here in our province, please teach me how and send me your price quotation. thank you

  16. want to become a dealer of pampanga’s best products here in our province, please teach me how and send me your price quotation. thank you

  17. Pampangas best is one of the favorite frozen food that my children loves. How do I franchise the pampangas best product I have a sari sari store and a freezer for frozen foods my store near Natl high way.

  18. Location and I want to inquire all the product of lamp an gas best at u a supplier

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