Goodies sold along the beach

Goodbye Batangas, Hello Manila!! Whew,I’m finally back here in Manila. Yes, I was kinda tired with the travel and all but I am rejuvenized. It’s a well-rested me!

Tivona Beach Resort is not really a high-end resort but they have good cottages, clean environment, same beach as everybody and they have a very friendly and accomodating staff. “Thank you, Tivona! We had a great time!”

And like what I promised before I left, I have some goodies being sold along the beach.These are food you can eat for snacks or you can bring home to family and friends (pasalubong). I’m sorry I forgot to ask the price for each of the candies because I didn’t pay for them. My cousin did, haha

 Sweet Peanut Patties
Sweet Tamarind
This is the best in the bunch!
Pastillas de Leche

This is supposed to be made with milk but this one tastes like it’s made with flour. ” Total Eeewness” as my cousin Roman says.

Purple Yam Candy
This is like Purple Yam Jam (Ube Jam) wrapped in  wax paper so you can eat it at your convenience.
 And since it’s very hot along the beach, Ice cream on stick is being sold as well. The vendors carry them on rectangular styropor boxes.
There are two flavors: red bean and cheese. I chose red bean.
Manong, the vendor, gladly posed for me holding my ice cream while Dhenzel, my nephew eats his cheese flavored one by his side.
If you wanna see more of our Summer Fun head over to : blowing peachkisses (my other blog)

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  2. yahoo i like the ice drop hehehe .. namimiss ko yan un merong beans ba un sa ibaba o kaya nman ay buko flavor.. yum-yum.. yang kapeng barako mo nauwi sa pang lunch ha .. grabe na to .. masarap ba ang kapeng barako? di pa rin kasi ako nakakatikim

  3. puro matatamis naman itong isang ito, talaga naman oo..ang masarap dyan mommy peach ay yung ice buko..ang sarap nyan huh

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