Kappe Brako

Kappe Brako is, should I say, the Starbucks of Batangas. Serving Batangas’s own Baraco Coffee at the second floor of the La Playa Pitstop Complex in the middle of Laiya Aplaya.

posing at the outside lobby before getting our caffeine fix

” Baraco Coffee is  a  varietal coffee which belong to the specie Coffea Liberica. It is known for its strong taste, powerful body and very pungent aroma.”

Outside Lobby

The pictures hanging on the wall evokes relaxation. I particularly liked the cup of coffee in the sand basking in the summer sun.

Rocky Road Frappe (P130)
Almost everybody ordered this except peanutbutter, my sister who calls herself Anney and me.
Cheeseburger with French Fries (P95)
Ykaie enjoyed every single fry.
Tender Juicy Hotdog with French Fries (P65)
Black Forest Frappe (P130)
Me and my sis who calls herself Anney ordered this and I don’t mean to brag but I could make a meaner Black Forest if I have the right ingredients.Plus peanutbutter’s Almond Nut Freeze tasted like coffee and almond syrup plus ice and looked exactly the same as everybody’s drink.
Kappe Brako (P50)
It’s mean and it saved our tastebuds from coffee hell. I would love love love to have this right after I wake up in the morning.
This is the place to go to if you need Wi-Fi.

Kappe Brako
2nd Floor La Playa Pitstop Complex
Brgy. Laiya Aplaya
San Jua, Batangas

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3 Responses

  1. sus, nauhaw at nagutom na naman ako dito sa post mo mommy peach..at may kasama pang trivia ng kapeng barako ano? ganyan talaga ang mahilig sa kape, lahat ata ay alam..hahahaha..joke lang po

  2. I love your establishment.. wifi zone so impt. the ambiance is great the food is affordable and it taste really good.. also the service.. we were looking for a nice  place to have mirienda this afternoon.. and di nmn kmi nagkamali to drop by..  sana lng pakilakihan nyo yung signage.. para nmn mas aware  ibang customer to drop by.. kc sobrang hindi xa readable  sa malayo.. will be back there soon..

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