How to make KECAP MANIS

Kecap — also spelled ketjapManis (pronounced KUH-chop mah-NEESE), is a thick, syrupy, soy sauce used in Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean cuisine. It is made of palm sugar, salt, soy beans, garlic and star anise, and has the consistency of molasses or honey. It is also used as dipping sauce many dishes.

I’ll be making a dish that needs Kejap Manis and I think I will only need a few tablespoons. Purchasing one bottle from the grocery wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. What could be more practical than making your own? Of course, that’s assuming you guys don’t have Kejap Manis available in your pantry. That would be so great if you do and if you could kindly send me some so I can try the authentic one, that would be fantastic. LOL! I’m just kidding. You probably don’t. So let’s just go with the substitute..


How to make KECAP MANIS

  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup molasses/ brown sugar
  • star anise {optional}


  1. Boil the mixture until sugar dissolves.
  2. If you are putting star anise, put one and then simmer for a few seconds.

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Easy right? There are only two ingredients if you’re not fond of star anise or it’s not readily available. Just in case you are wondering, I used molasses. I still have half a bottle of it in the fridge and molasses gives such a great flavor.

Crossing my fingers on the tofu dish tomorrow…

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11 Responses

  1. I tried this recipe and added some garlic

    powder. Worked out great as a marinade for a Thai Beef Salad.

  2. I’m making Black pepper tofu from Ottolenghi’s PLENTY book and this is exactly what I need! Thank you very much for the tip!

    1. Hi Bob! You just have to put one of it. Simmer it with the mixture and then discard it afterwards. your Kecap Manis will already be infused with its flavor. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Thanks for the easy recipe! I’m running out and figured it would be pretty straightforward to make. Any idea how long this will keep?

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  5. Hi there. I quadruple the proportions and make a big batch each time. I boil mine with two cloves of crushed garlic and some slices of fresh ginger, then strain it to have a smooth sauce. I keep mine in an air tight container for about a month. It usually gets used up before a full month though! Thanks for the recipe!

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