Fashionable Nursing Scrubs

I used to wanna be a nurse because I love those scrub suits some nurses and doctors wear at the hospital. They used to be available in only two colors: green and blue but I always think they are cool. Nowadays, I think nursing scrubs have become more of a fashion statement as well as uniform of people in the medical field, specially for  the women who are conscious and wants to always be on top of today’ fashion.

They don’t have to be stuck in the same old nursing uniforms day after day. They can have a custom scrub made to make them feel more confident and beautiful. Before,  a cousin of mine who works as a nurse always complain that her uniforms doesn’t fit well and that she looks fat in them. I told her that she can have one custom made according to her measurements and that there’s even some stores who sells slim-fit scrub suits. She was so happy to learn that and had one made.

When my daughter  turned one,  that cousin even gave my daughter a small nursing scrub as a present. It has a dalmatian print and it fits perfectly.

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  1. ADAR Medical Uniforms feature an array of stunning print fabrics as contemporary medical scrubs uniforms in stylish cuts and fits. They incorporate such lovely details as ruffles, ties, novelty pockets and solid contrast trim binding. Looking super cute.

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