My List of Things to Bring on my Next Tagaytay Trip

I love cold weathers!

That is why the cold weather in Tagaytay made me really happy even if I am wrapped in a blanket most of the time.

Well, the reason I was cold is because I forgot to bring a sweater and a pajama or sweat pants. Under that blanket, I was wearing only my normal sleepwear of shorts and a shirt….. so not for the cold weather.

So I decided to list down the things that I forgot this trip so that I won’t forget them next month.Yup, I’m going again next month~ with peanutbutter and ykaie so I better remember to bring this:

  • Tagaytay is a cold place. Bring a jacket, sweater or a hoodie. Don’t forget a pajama or a sweat pants too!
  • It rained during late afternoons everyday we were there. I should bring kamik rain boots for ykaie and me. It will make our feet happy when it’s raining.
  • Download lots of spongebob episodes for ykaie. She accidentally deleted the spongebob episodes on my phone except one, she had to watch it over and over again.
  • Bring lots of Ykaie snacks! LOL!

I think that’s about it…not really a fancy list, just a reminder..

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2 Responses

  1. haha! we went to Tagaytay last week of December and I underestimated the weather. I thought I could tolerate the cold season with only shirt on. Good thing I have an extra shirt and put it on.

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