My First Serenitea

peanutbutter is coming home tomorrow!!

Yay!! I’m so excited and I think my hormones have gone haywire too. Truth is I don’t remember the last time I had pimple on my face but this week, I have two giant ones….on my FOREHEAD!

So today, I bought a Tea Tree Concealer from the Body Shop. It doesn’t only hide blemishes and age spots, it also heals the blemishes and keeps them from coming back.

And speaking of teas….

It was my first time to drop by Serenitea today. I’ve heard so much about how good their teas are. Since it was my first time there, I was overwhelmed with the choices.

I was torn between Hokkaido Milk Tea which has caramelly taste and the Passion Fruit Yakult Tea because I was looking for something refreshing. My love for yakult won.

My verdict? It was refreshing but I think there is too little yakult in there. I wasn’t able to taste it. Next time, I’ll order Hokkaido Milk Tea.

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5 Responses

  1. which branch is this. Abad Santos? they also have a branch at Eastwood now. and speaking of Eastwood, that famous tea bar in Greenhills, Happy Lemon, has a new kiosk at Eastwood Mall as well.

  2. Although there is little scientific evidence to back the various health benefits that are associated with Yakult, the beverage is a very popular health drink. The company claims that each 65ml bottle of the drink contains 6.5 billion good bacteria which directly benefit the digestive system by outnumbering the potentially harmful bacteria present in there.

  3. Taking probiotics have a host of health benefits like: Improves digestion and waste elimination; Improves immune system; Prevents growth of harmful bacteria; Prevents intestinal tract infection.

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