Thornton’s Dark Chocolate with Chilli

When my Aunt from London came home for a vacation, she had two Thornton’s dark chocolate. One of them is dark chocolate with Mango while the other one is this. When she saw that I was holding the two chocolates, she asked me if I want them. I told her that I only want this one with chilli.

Well, I always encounter chocolates which has a fruit flavor or chocolates that is filled with fruit but it was the first time that I actually had one with chilli.

The foil pack inside says ” love me♥ unwrap me♥ eat me♥ “…

….pretty hot, huh? LOL!

Well, when I looked at the package, that was my first impression… that this chocolate is spicy/hot. But you won’t really taste it on the first bite. It’s more of a “hint” of chilli than it was a “flavor“. It elicited warmth…. and together with the dark chocolate, it was bittersweet warmth.

So, did I like it?

No, not really. I’m more of a Ferrero Rocher and Meiji Black kind-of-person..but it satisfied my curiosity.

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6 Responses

  1. I had the Lindt chili one too and it was wierd! It was like you could taste the chocolate and chili separately – they didn’t meld together as one flavor. I didn’t like it either.

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