I had SEVERED FINGERS for breakfast…

Actually, I had hotdogs and whole wheat tortilla just not in their normal form,hee….

Oh, and there’s ketchup too for a more gory effect….

This season brings out the monster in me….BOO!

Scared? I hope not. I wasn’t really planning on making these for breakfast.

I was planning on Cheeseburger Soup, so I went to the grocery at the mall {with a side trip to the department store, of course!}.

There were lots of things for sale by the way like tops, shoes, dinnerwares and waterproof metal detectors .

I had to remind myself that I was there to buy sour cream, unfortunately they were out of sour cream at the grocery…

And then I saw the hotdogs… a bulb lighted in my head ~Ding!

This seemed to me like a great breakfast idea until the kids didn’t want to eat them this morning…LOL!

What was I thinking?!

I think I shouldn’t be making any dismembered body parts for Halloween and go back to those cute stuff like the Witch hat and FrankenS’mores..

But just in case you wanna scare somebody at breakfast, here’s what you have to do..

Severed Fingers


hotdogs, I used cheesedogs
whole wheat tortilla
1 tbsp oil


  • Fry hotdog in oil for a few minutes. Remove from pan and put in a paper napkin to blot the oil.
  • Cut one hotdog into three, the size of a severed finger.
  • Cut one tortilla into strips, to make bandages
  • In the rounded end of the hotdog make a shallow square-shaped cut to make the fingernails
  • Squeeze a small dollop of ketchup to make bloody nails.
  • Wrap the other end with tortilla strip to make bandages.
  • Serve with red colored juice..LOL!

I will go to the grocery later, I will buy sour cream and I will make that Cheeseburger Soup for tomorrow…

See yah!

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40 Responses

  1. omg… I love hotdogs! why on earth did you do that to hotdogs? Now I cannot eat hotdogs without remembering this. haha.. it’s brilliant though. perfect for “adult” halloween cocktail party. 🙂 

  2. you’re so creative peachy.  wish I had one half of your creativity then i’d be happy as a bee. can’t wait for that cheeseburger soup…. i love burgers and soups. two birds in one stone agad!

  3. hi peachkins, I guess at a glance your sausage fingers
    looks scary weird, especially to kids. Ha ha ha. You must be having so much fun
    trying to fix more innovative ideas for more weird scary stuff..
    fyi this is the third day i come here to put my comment, but something wrong, may be my browser, your discus didnt show.. 

  4. i love it!  you are really very creative sis 🙂 i enjoy looking and keep on looking at  every creation you’ve been posting 🙂 

  5. Galing! Perfect for Halloween! Happy FTF! Here’s my entry: http://www.delightmyappetite.com/2011/10/food-trip-friday-hainanese-delights/

  6. scary, but yummy…i will definitely try this dish this Halloween…my son would be very happy to help me with this :-); thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

  7. way too realistic!  this is clever and spooky and gross and tasty, all at the same time! 🙂

  8. i know my kids will love this! lol

    thanks for sharing this scary but oh-so-yummy recipe over at Food Friday, Peach!
    happy weekend!

  9. How cute! Or should I say, scary? Hehe! What an ingenious idea for a Halloween treat! 🙂

  10. Adorable little treats for the party! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a wonderful week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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