Used Band Aids, a Halloween Nibble

I am scared of riding at the back of the motorcycle…

If I had lived another time, I wouldn’t survive as James Dean’s girlfriend or Marlon Brando’s girlfriend…

Well, not that they had expressed any interest in my dreams…but you know what I mean.

Yes, it does look absolutely cool but it scares the bejezzus out of me…like, a lot!

Even if  I’m just riding at the back of the trike, I never liked it,

I have this weird feeling of falling off of it anytime soon while I’m on it…

but sometimes, I don’t have a choice because I’m with the kids and sis…

So I fake it.

I fake the confidence of sitting at the back of the trike…

It’s that simple.

Nobody knows I’m scared…

I survive to live another day…

But I love gross and spooky stuff…

Stuff which I can play in food…

And once a year during Halloween, I can do all the things I want…

Let the grossness begin!

Starting with the mild ones of course….

I’ll start with these band aids…

Don’t be a sissy, I know you secretly want these things….

Used Band Aids

Inspired by: Saucy Sprinkles


Graham Crackers , good thing I still have a lot left from FrankenS’mores Pops
Vanilla Frosting
Strawberry Jam {mixed with:}
a few drops of Pink Food Color Gel


  • Cut each graham squares lengthwise to mimic shape of band aids.
  • Put vanilla frosting in a squarish shape in the middle for the gauze thing
  • Add a small dollop of Strawberry jam for blood to make it seem like the “band aid” had been used.

note: Strawberry jams are more like maroon in color so I mixed a few drops of pink food color with the strawberry jam for it to look a little more red.

The kids aren’t even grossed out and they totally loved the idea…

..and they are looking forward for more!

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17 Responses

  1. How fun! Love the idea 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful week and the kids pictures are SO cute!

  2. Now that was cute!  My granddaughters would love these little treats!  Glad you shared it.

  3. Me and my friends are throwing a halloween party and as soon as we saw those we knew we needed to make them!! Thanks for the idea!! <3

  4. Waaaaahhhh, thankyou for sharing this! Dali lang pala! Dame ko na na learn how to make halloween food. Galing mommy at napaka creative! 👍

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