CBTL’s Chilled Spicy Chicken Pasta Salad

“The perfect blend of hot and cool, this salad is made with a healthy mix of fusilli pasta, shredded chicken breast and our special sauce – all in a bed of fresh romaine lettuce”

I had this for dinner the other day after attending the lecture about The Healing Diet at The Maya Kitchen.

I always order this salad at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  whenever I happen to be there. Their special sauce taste primarily of good quality fish sauce and that lavender thing on top of the salad seems to be pickled onion.

Does anybody know the recipe of their special sauce?

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20 Responses

  1. oohh, a lavander on a salad…interesting, and fish sauce too, what a salad, hope to try this out too…

  2. Haven’t tried CBTL’s salad, looks yummy ha. Kakabusog ba like their pasta and sandwiches?

  3. That looks so yummy  and healthy..

    Visiting for YS! Hope you can stop by:)http://www.mommys4seasonsjourney.com/2012/01/frozen-asian-food.html

  4. Too bad I wasn’t able to attend that event, dang PMS! 🙁 It would be great to see you and teacher Julie there.

    Ano yung green chunks? Sayote?

    I love pasta salad… the one at Pancake House taste good, too!

  5. that looks really delicious and healthy…wonder what’s the special sauce is? visiting from YS, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

  6. I work in cbtl before.. It’s fish sauce with oil and blackpaper. Added onion vanigrate and chili flake..

    1. Thanks for the tip, do you know how much of each ingredient is in it? Currently working overseas and super craving this PLUS the southern blend iced tea, trying to replicate it them both to satisfy myself. 😀 Thanks for your help in advance!

    2. The southern blend iced tea is a black tea with red rose petals ? both are my fave…. ✌

  7. Hi. Try a dressing made from fish sauce, lemon or calamansi, brown sugar or honey, a bit of ginger and sesame oil. The other stuff in the salad are just cold fusilli, shredded chicken breast, sliced cucumber, pickled red onion, chili flakes, and lettuce.

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