Food Find: Goya Malt Crunch

When I was in elementary, there was this malted chocolate milk balls very similar to the one above. The wrapper was orange in color and if I remember correctly, the name was Rolling Stones.

I remember my allowance was P5 per day at that time  and I couldn’t afford it. I had to wait for two days so I could buy a pack.

The other day, I stumbled upon this Malt Crunch from the local 7-11.

Whoppers and Maltesers are delicious but these tasted like the Rolling Stones I used to eat!

I easily got addicted to it, you’d think I need some medical help to pry me away from those goodies.

It costs P20 at 7-11 and P18 at the grocery. I bought 6 packets the other day, Ykaie loves it too! LOL!

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17 Responses

  1. Oooh, I wanna try that!

    Two years ago, I was looking for Maltesers at local grocery stores because I wanted to make Malted Chocolate cake. Couldn’t find it. Settled on Whoppers instead. But recently, I found malt balls in dark chocolate at ebay and it was delish!

  2. didn’t know Goya has that! I love chocolates w/ honeycomb center.. my faves are Maltesers and Cadbury Crunchie <3

  3. Yes! That was Rolling Stones! The one with the yellow package! I was also in elementary before and it cost php.9.00… that was expensive in those days that’s why i only get to eat it when am with my cousins who can afford to buy them. That was late 80s i think! I got addicted to it as well. The first thing that came in my mind when i first tasted the maltesers is the rolling stones! I knew it!

  4. The only Rolling stones i know during my elementary days (1988-1994). Thanks for letting me know how to reminisce the good old childhood treat. Maltesers is good but tastes different. Rolling stones also has a sticky crunchy thingie inside. Maltesers is just crunchy. I stumbled on this page for googling Rolling stones chocolate that i suddenly remembered again.

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