Malunggay Pancake (Moringa Pancake)

Malunggay Pancake (Moringa Pancake)

Malunggay Pancake (Moringa Pancake)

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Another recipe from The Healing Diet, Malunggay Pancake will let you sneak in those leafy greens in your kids pancake so they can eat and enjoy pancake in a healthier way.

You can also substitute other vegetables like grated carrots or zucchini to change the flavor.


Malunggay Pancake {Moringa Pancake}

You can only mix the pancake mixture and malunggay leaves when you are about to cook. This will prevent the pancake from the unpleasant smell of the leaves.Do not soak malunggay leaves to pancake mixture for more than 30 minutes to preserve the vanilla flavor of your pancake.


  • 1 pack of maya pancake mix
  • 1 cup fresh malunggay leaves, chopped
  • Follow instruction in the packaging.
  • Add malunggay right before cooking.


  1. HERE is the secret to have a palatable pancake; no taste of malunggay and no smell of leaves:
  2. Mix your old pancake recipe in a separate container. You can have any kind of the usual pancake mixture. Have your own way.
  3. Chop fresh malunggay leaves, then set aside on a separate container.
  5. Prepare for cooking.

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17 Responses

  1. this is interesting! never had malunggay in my pancakes before. haha! this is a nice way to inject veggies in your diet. 😀 have you tired making your own pancake mix? 

    1. Can I use a malunggay powder?I have malunggay powder, how many tbsp in case? Thanks.?

    1. Ay try ko nga ito ginawa ko kasi sa malunggay pinipiga ko tas painum sa kids try ko to total mahilig sila sa pancake

    2. Isa ito sa best breakfast and snack na easily to prepare pero I was amazed kasi may twist ng malunggay..Thank you for this mommy peach..Sakto po ito breastfeeding mom po kasi ako

  2. i’m sure it’ll taste good. i’m researching for a recipe of a snack that has malunggay on it but still tastes delicious. i’m choosing between this recipe and malunggay maja but i figured i like this much better. this is great help!

    1.  Thank you so much for dropping by and I’m glad you liked the recipe… =)

  3. Kung naaalala mo mommy Sabi ko Sayo gustong gusto ko ang malunggay dahil nkaka boost sya ng breastmilk.. Tapos pwede Pala sya isama sa pancake? Pwede ba ang malunggay flakes mommy? Flakes kasi ang meron ako dito.. Sadlife naubos na bunga ng malunggay dipa natubo ulit.. Nakalbo ko Ata kasi araw2 ako nakuha hehehe

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