Lunch Time in Marinduque

There are only two flights that leaves Marinduque, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If we’re gonna take the morning flight that means, we have to check out of Bellaroca at around 6am. In order to maximize our stay in Bellaroca and take in more of Marinduque, we decided to extend another day in Marinduque. We made reservations at The Boac Hotel so we’ll have a place to stay after leave Bellaroca Island at the usual check out time of 12noon.

Click here to see how our stay was.

I love the clock and the use of these old bottles for drinking water…

We arrived at The Boac Hotel way past noon and we were really hungry. We just checked in, left our bags inside our room and headed for the nearest restaurant which was Cafe Ma’Mita, the hotel’s own.

Boac is one of the two first class municipalities in the province of Marinduque. This restaurant is actually one of the most popular and one of the most frequented place in the town.

If you will notice, those framed photos on the wall are really old magazine advertisements of Cortal, Star Margarine, Del Monte Mixed Pickles and old movies of Nida Blanca and Gloria Romero. I think this restaurant wants to invibe the “old Filipino” atmosphere. They used materials from years ago {like those big black LP discs} to design the whole place and instead of using mounting brackets for tv, they used wood to put it up.

peanutbutter and Ykaie bought a couple of “moriones” masks from the adjacent store and wore it while waiting for the food to be served.

Our orders arrived after a few minutes…

We had Crispy Pata. We’ve been wanting to eat Crispy Pata when we were in Bwellaroca Islansd but the price of it over there is P1,350 a piece. Here, it was just around P350 and it was cooked perfectly except for that little toasted part right there.

For our vegetables, we had Ampalaya con Carne……

and of course, when there’s a kid, there’s always Fried Chicken………………..

We had Shrimp Sinigang for our soup…

and Sizzling slices of Fish!

Everything that we ordered totaled only f P800++…

Look at how creative they are! They made use of old kitchen tools, pots, pans to design their washing area. That old beaten up wok/frying pan made a great sink/basin.

The Boac Hotel
Brgy. San Migue
Boac, Marinduque

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13 Responses

  1. P800+ for the whole spread is great value for money!   the crispy pata is mouthwatering.:p  I’ve heard of Bellaroca’s prices—i hope the taste was well worth it.:p

  2. Wow! Your photos all look sumptuous! I specifically want to try the Sizzling Fish ..looks really delicious! 🙂

  3. How quaint! I like the washing area. The crispy pata looks great! 🙂 I’m literally imagining it as I’m dipping a piece of crispy skin into that special soy sauce.

  4. Nakakagutom! I also love the wall clock. But I wish they didn’t put the No Smoking sign just below it. Makialam ba ako? hehehe

    I guess I should start collecting magazine covers and ad posters from now on. They look interesting pala pag dumaan na ang panahon 🙂

  5. Oh my, na miss ko mga food photos mo..   I  want crispy pata, ang mahal pala sa Bellaroca compare mo dito sa price. 

    nice photo in Moriones masks, hehe. 🙂   ganda ng sink.. lol, try ko recyle old kawali ko dito. 😉 seriously, galing ha, very unique, napaka-creative nila.

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