Lose More, Live More: A Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle with C-Lium Fibre

I was born a foodie. I am adventurous in food. I love cooking. I love eating out. I’m sure you all know that because I share everything that I eat with you.

A few years ago, when I was still a barista, I was able to keep my weight because there was a lot of physical work. We had to hustle specially when there’s lots of customers. When I  was working in a call center, I managed to keep fit because I had to commute and walk going to and from work which served as my exercise.

Today, with a slowed down metabolism and the nature of my job which practically keeps me at home sitting down, losing weight and eating healthy has become really hard for me to do. Plus being a food blogger has become an excuse to be overweight.

It’s about time I put a stop to it. I didn’t think twice when I was invited to be a part of  C-Lium Lose More, Live More Bloggers’ Edition. It’s a month-long journey wherein blogger’s are challenged to lose weight. There are special prizes that will go bloggers who have the biggest drop in  BMI score, bad cholesterol levels and  blood sugar levels.

Last July 26, we had an executive check-up at the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Makati. I had my blood extracted for Cholesterol Screening and Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) test.

As you can see with the result that was given the next day, my Triglycerides, Cholesterol and LDL are quite high.

I also met with Medicard Nutritionist Dr. Diana Lodriguito who gave me a nutritional assessment. She advised me on the proper distribution of the different food groups in my daily consumption. According to her, I now have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30.4 which is  not only overweight but Obese. Normal BMI is at 18.5 – 22.9. I am also 19 kg overweight.

Okay, don’t judge but…….Ouch! Having someone tell you that you’re obese is such a hard slap on the face.

Tsk, tsk, I have a lot of work to do.

After the blood extraction and the nutritional assessment, I underwent the Treadmill Stress Test. It was my first time to undergo such a test and took only Level 2 to reach 85% of my heart rate. No problem with my blood pressure, though. It’s 100/60 at rest and 150/80 during the peak of my test.

Gosh, I really need to move my booty from now on….don’t laugh, I’m serious!

These series of tests has been an eye opener for me. I need to do this not only for myself but for my loved ones as well. I also need to set a good example to my daughter who is also growing up to be a foodie. I need to make smart food choices and start an exercise regimen.

I am also taking at least a sachet of C-Lium Fibre everyday to supplement my daily fiber intake to help boost weight loss, lower my cholesterol and blood sugar. We need at least 25-35 grams of fiber daily, you know.

Join me in my journey to health. I will be giving weekly updates on how I’m doing.

If you want, you can also join the C-Lium Lose More Live More promo and be one of the lucky participants to win Php10,000 each.

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Don’t worry, I will still post and make delicious, mouth-watering recipes…I’ll just probably eat less of it.. *wink*

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10 Responses

  1. i like to pair C-lium with coffee or hot choco. Good luck Peachy! 🙂

  2. Buti nlng there’s a disclaimer in fine print. Akala ko that would stop you from posting food na eh 🙂

  3. you can do it!!! Eat moderately, at least 6 times a day, avoid drinking sodas and juice. I lost 30 lbs and still in the process of losing 10 more… I walk a mile or two and jog sometimes, and i join my kids in the afternoon, while they are riding their bike I brisk walk naman, kaya you can do that, sabi nga eh no pain, no gain!!!

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