Kai Anara’s Memorable Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

For me,  the words “The Aristocrat” has always been synonymous with the words “Filipino celebrations”. This restaurant has been around for as long as I can remember and dining here is kind of like a family tradition whenever we’re celebrating something like birthdays, graduations, or even when a family member gets accepted for a dream job.

Two years ago, they launched their Kiddie Party Packages and I was able to attend one of their parties. It was such a fun party and definitely a hit among all the guests both young and old.

Last April 27, 2014, I was once again a guest at a party held at The Aristocrat. This time it’s the Baptismal Party of Kai Anara, that cute little girl from the adorable family in the photo above.

Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

It was held at The Aristocrat in Roxas Boulevard, the biggest branch I’ve been to.The party venue was quite big and can accommodate up to 110 persons. The last time I’ve been here, this was decorated elegantly because the theme was Princesses and Princes. This time it had a very festive decor including balloons of different colors and paper umbrellas evoking happiness and being at home. It was really nice that they can cater to whatever theme you had in mind for your party.

Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

A stage was located in front just in case somebody is hosting the party and had a similar design with the surrounding.

Kiddie Salon

Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

The first thing that Ykaie went to at the party was the Kiddie Salon. Little girls likes to have pink lips and plush cheeks and that includes Ykaie. She even had glitters on her hair.

Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

Look at her all dolled up!

Make Believe Storytelling

Baptismal Celebration at The Aristocrat

The kids gathered for some interactive storytelling. The storytellers told the story of Alice in Wonderland and had the kids participate in the story. With these kid’s imagination, I bet they felt the story come to life.

The Aristocrat Bakeshop Dessert Bar

Dessert bars are a trend nowadays because people love desserts! More so if they are from The Aristocrat Bakeshop.

I am so crazy about their Chocolate Supreme Cake which is really moist and has that bittersweet dark chocolate taste. It’s what I ate mostly from this dessert table.

They have other delicious cakes and pastries too like mocha cake, the beehive cake, cream puffs, tea ensaimadas, and super cute cupcakes.

The Aristocrat Bakeshop Dessert Bar costs around  ₱7,500 and is already good for 50 persons.

Bagnet in Pita Wrap & Fresh Salad

Another new thing from the Aristocrat Party packages is the Bagnet in Pita Wrap and Fresh Salad.

The crispy and flavorful Bagnet is chopped into little pieces then tucked inside a warm pita wrap together with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and two kinds of sauces. It’s really delicious!

It’s nice to see Fresh Salad at the party. Healthy eating is becoming a trend nowadays and most people love eating greens to balance out all the other food they eat alongside of it.

These are the other dishes that were served on the Main Buffet Table:

Sotangon Guisado

Fish and Chips

Boneless Chicken Barbecue

Beef Mechado

The children’s meal were served on the kiddie table in front of the stage. Ykaie joined Gwen and Chiara on the kiddie table and they had Boneless Chicken Barbecue, Spaghetti, and Burger.

These are my plates….

Photo above was taken together with Maryjo Feraren, Marketing Head of The Aristocrat, Marianne from Nuffnang, Rowena of Animetric’s World, Fleur of Mommy Fleur, and Khaye of Shining Mom.

It was such a dream of a party and I was actually contemplating on the idea of having Ykaie’s birthday party held here.

Sometimes planning a party can be time consuming. You have to look for a venue, think of a theme, and plan out the menu. The Aristocrat offers baptismal party packages for as low as  ₱32,250 and it already includes food good for 50 guests, baptismal cake by The Aristocrat Bakeshop, souvenirs, theme decorations, invitations sets, balloons for guests, and many more. You can even choose from a lot of exciting options to suit your taste.

Aside from the party add-ons above like Kiddie Salon and Make Believe Storytelling, they also have: face painting, cupcake decorating, photo booth, bubble show, magic show, and balloon twisting to make your party more exciting. They have everything covered — from menu, décor, and entertainment.

For inquiries and reservations, contact the Main Office at (+63 2) 524-7671 to 80 or visit http://www.aristocrat.com.ph.


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41 Responses

  1. What a great time you must have had! Everything is so colorful, and I love all the great food you got to enjoy. Loved all the pictures — thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  2. The baptismal looks successful and everyone had fun. I especially liked the boneless barbecue, looks fantastic!

  3. I honestly wish this post was made a year and a half ago! We had our son’s baptism in the Philippines and I was debating if we hold the celebration at Aristocrat or Max’s. There were not many reviews then for parties in Aristocrat so I decided on Max’s. I didn’t know that they had a lot of additional offerings like the storytelling, salon, etc. They probably have a nice package for baptisms.

  4. I love the way they present their food and goodies. From decorations that will truly stand apart from the rest and the sumptuous food so tempting!

  5. This is another successful party! I love the colors and the dessert table looks great 🙂 Looking forward to more party posts from this site..

  6. What a great venue to celebrate..
    If I were a guest here, I would raid the dessert bar more often,
    and the bagnet in pita wrap sounds really sinful that I gotta try them.

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