What’s For Breakfast? Papaya Yogurt Bowl

I can feel you seriously trying to brain-taste this combination…aaand it’s not weird, really.

It tastes like papaya that went up a notch and suddenly became a superstar. Take it from someone who doesn’t eat papaya if there are other fruit options.

This papaya and I met at the supermarket yesterday afternoon as I was trying to decide between a bunch{6 pieces} of apples that costs ₱140 and a cluster of bananas that costs about the same. I knew I could get both of those fruits cheaper at the wet market. So I turned my head and looked at the papayas on the next side. They look good, I thought.Then I looked at the price. ₱20 per piece..hmmnnn, quite cheap than the others. This could be breakfast.

But there’s just one problem. I’m not fond of papayas.

Right then and there, I gave myself a goal — Try to appreciate food that you don’t really like. Just like what I’m trying to teach my daughter, Ykaie.

Alright, papaya. You are coming home with me.

At the back of my mind lies the knowledge that papaya is really an awesome fruit that could give the body many benefits. It is high in antioxidants and fiber content plus it will also naturally detox the body, boost energy, and promote digestive health.

So, I started my day with a no-cook breakfast that doesn’t only taste good but healthy as well. I know peanutbutter won’t like this combination but it works for me. I added two of my favorite things with papaya to make me appreciate it. Yogurt makes the papaya creamy and the chopped almonds gave it texture — there’s a crunch in each bite.

Try it out for yourself! Who knows? You might end up liking it…


Papaya Yogurt Bowl

  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • ½ papaya
  • ½ cup non-fat strawberry yogurt
  • ¼ cup almonds, chopped


  1. Wash, slice, and de-seed a papaya.
  2. Cut into bite-size pieces and put into a bowl
  3. Top with non-fat strawberry yogurt.
  4. Sprinkle with chopped almonds


You can use whatever flavor of yogurt you want and whatever nut you prefer

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15 Responses

  1. You’re right – papaya is an acquired taste! but this looks wonderful with the yogurt – a really good for you breakfast!

  2. Great healthy little fruit and yogurt bowl. I think the reason why kids don’t always love papaya is because of its soft texture. I however love it and it sounds like a perfect breakfast.

  3. I love papaya, we used to have every morning when living in Brazil…I like the way you served…yogurt and crunchy almonds…
    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day Peachy 🙂

  4. Papaya has been one of the many fruits that I like, the way you prepare it looks extra yummy!

  5. That’s quite a nice looking dish! Loads of flavor, and healthy. Never combined yogurt and papaya though – something I’ll have to try. Thanks for this.

  6. Well, I certainly don’t have a problem with this tasty little breakfast because I love papaya. I haven’t had one in ages, and now you’re pictures are making me craving it. I admire it that you are trying to appreciate foods that you don’t like. Papaya is a good one to start with. Just make sure it’s really ripe.

  7. That’s a nice combo sis! I can imagine the taste of the bitter-sweet papaya, with a nutty almond and strawberry yoghurt. Yum! Try using a low fat, plain yoghurt with mango chunks. Extra yummy!

  8. I love papaya, almonds, and yogurt, but I prefer eating them individually and not combined.

  9. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I can offer something new to my husband who loves to eat papaya for dessert

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