SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUNCH, my first post for the Halloween Season

SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUNCH | www.thepeachkitchen.com

SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUNCH | www.thepeachkitchen.com

Weee! Here comes my first post for the Halloween Season!

Just like Christmas, I’m big on Halloween. I figured I’d start early so I can make the most out of it. I love making both creepy and cute Halloween treats.

And since I noticed that I haven’t made any Halloween drinks yet, I think it’s  just right to start my Halloween with a beverage.

Finally! after giving you an idea on How To Make Bloody Glasses to put a halloween twist on the drinks you’re serving for the occasion, I finally have something you can drink. I know some of you might find it a bit creepy but that’s exactly the purpose of this drink (*wink*)

Creepy Halloween Party = Successful Halloween Party

It’s for adults and teens only, though. I don’t think kids will like this…LOL! I have a different drink recipe for children.

SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUNCH | www.thepeachkitchen.com

Yes, I do have a thing for the creepy, the morbid, and sometimes, the gross but this drink actually started innocent enough. I’m leaning towards “eyeballs” in your drinking glass. Since the “eyeballs” are made up of canned lychee and grapes, I was thinking I should submerged them in a grape-flavored beverage. But when I did, it felt like the scare factor was very little.

So I tried putting the “eyeballs” in a strawberry-flavored drink. You can see for yourself that it looked so real, it spooked me a little! Scare factor was 10 times 10! Perfect!

SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUNCH | www.thepeachkitchen.com

Making the “eyeballs” is very easy. Just stick one grape, into the cavity of each lychee and freeze them for about 1 hour. Make sure that the grape isn’t too big to avoid tearing the lychee.

SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUNCH | www.thepeachkitchen.com

Beverage Suggestions: You can either use those juice in packets like Tang Grapes, or you can also use healthier versions like Tipco Grapes and The Berry Company’s Blueberry. For the bloody red beverage, you can use Tang Strawberry or healthier versions like Tipco Cranberry or The Berry Company’s Cranberry and Pomegrenate.

For a grown-up twist, you can add some white rum.



  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • 10 pcs black grapes
  • 1 canned lychees in syrup, drained
  • Grape-Flavored Juice or any purple beverage of your choice
  • Strawberry-Flavored Juice any red beverage of your choice
  • Ice


  1. To make the “eyeballs”, stick one grape, into the cavity of each lychee and freeze them for about 1 hour. Make sure that the grape isn’t too big to avoid tearing the lychee.
  2. Pour out your chilled beverage of choice into a pitcher and add your lychee eyeballs.
  3. Serve in tall glasses over ice, spooning 2 lychee eyeballs into each glass.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

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26 Responses

  1. Oh fun – you’ve started your Halloween! I remember last year – lots of fun stuff. This is a great start with this creepy spooky punch. The eyes are great!

  2. Mommy, I just love this idea of yours. I might want to make something like this for school. So spookylicious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope I can find some Lychees at the store near us and not have to go to the ASian store. Safeway here doesn’t carry a lot of varieties. 🙂 I am excited to try. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. I saw this on your FB post and I immediately noted it down for our Halloween feast. 🙂 I think the strawberry works best so we’re gonna go with bloody red juice. Hmmm… I wonder if the kids would drink it?

  5. Ang creepy pero at the same time very creative! If ako, kakainin ko yung eyeballs since fave ko ang lychee, pero ewan ko na lng sa lil kiddo ko. Matakutin kasi yun. Haha! :))

  6. Oh wow, creepy! I’m not sure I’d want to drink that, hahah! I’m sure it tastes delicious though.

  7. This looks so cute! I am going to try this, very creative. Thank you so much for sharing. My boys would think I was the coolest.

  8. Love the idea and it is easy enough to do. As an added bonus, lychee are one of my favorite canned fruits, so adding those to a drink can only mean an improvement!

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