McDonald’s Brings Back The Happy Meal Box

McDonald's Brings Back The Happy Meal Box |

I would always remember that Happy Meal experience I had when I was a child. Each time we’d go to McDonald’s and order a McDonald’s Happy Meal, it would come in a box. I was always very excited in opening that box eventhough I already know what’s inside. Well, I have good news for you! Kids today have more reasons to smile as McDonald’s brings back their iconic Happy Meal Box.

McDonald's Brings Back The Happy Meal Box |
More than the food and the toy that’s inside, there’s something magical about that box when it’s handed to you by the smiling crew of McDonald’s. It feels like a gift. And when it’s a gift, it feels special and like there’s always something delightful inside. This is something that kids would always be happy about and look forward to each time they visit McDonald’s.

McDonald's Brings Back The Happy Meal Box |

Starting tomorrow, September 19, all Happy Meals will come in boxes. You’ll find the food and the toy packed neatly inside except for the drink. McDonald’s has also come up with a new way for kids to enjoy the Happy Meal, as it can now come with a serving of McDonald’s World Famous Fries – a perfect addition to the Burger McDo, McNuggets, Chicken McDo with rice, and McSpaghetti all with a regular drink and featured toy. The featured toys for this month are My Little Pony for girls and Transformers for boys.

It has also recently made available for breakfast with favorites such as the 4 pc Mini Hotcakes and Hamdesal, both served with a regular drink and featured toy.

McDonald's Brings Back The Happy Meal Box |

Just as I remember, the box is not just a container, you can also play with it. It has some characters which you can cut-out and fold into a figurine.

McDonald's Brings Back The Happy Meal Box |

Just look at how happy Ykaie is with her very FIRST Happy Meal that comes in the box!!

toys inside the Happy Meal Box |

And she got three new toys to play with!

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17 Responses

  1. Oh how fun! To be honest, I have never been to a McDonald’s in the Philippines and here in the USA, I have only been once or twice. Not our first choice as we don’t like it, but this one in the Philippines, look really awesome. Love the toys they included in the meal box. Ykaie definitely loves her meal box. 🙂

    1. Really?? Why? I think because may fried chicken and rice which is caters more to the pinoy palate

  2. My kids are McDonald’s happy meal regulars. They always want some when we go by one store.

  3. I feel nostalgic seeing the ol’ red box again. My kids though care less about it. All they really want are the toys. 🙂

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