Saturday Cooking with Ykaie: DIRT CUPS

dirt cups |

It was drizzling almost the whole day last friday when I heard about Typhoon Santi which already is signal # 3 in the provinces. I heard it’s gonna be on signal # 2 the next day saturday. So that same night, I cancelled my meetings and plan for the next day. I was thinking we were going to be stuck inside the house from morning until night time and it’s gonna be boring.

So I thought Ykaie and I should have an activity to keep us entertained.

And what could be more entertaining to a five-year-old than making some Dirt Cups she could eat?

Dirt Cups made with crushed oreos and pudding |

I remember making a Dirt Cake two years ago, in a big flower pot, complete with gummy worms and gardening props.

Since, I’ve recently started an herb garden — which is thriving at the moment – I think it’s just right that I celebrate it with Dirt Cups that looks exactly like it. Those fresh Basil stems were from my plants….which Ykaie and I went to cut before we started making the dirt cups.

The “soil” on top is made from crushed oreos. I asked Ykaie to remove the fillings from the oreos one by one and put the oreos in the food processor. Ykaie was very excited to do her task, specially since she was planning to eat the filling as she remove it all along. She was also the one who “crushed” it using the food processor — with my guidance, of course.

Below the soil is chocolate pudding, which you can either make from scratch, buy a ready-to-eat pack, or buy a pre-made mix. It’s up to you.

This is a very easy and fun thing to do with your kid(s) specially if your kid is like my Ykaie who loves anything chocolate!

This would also be a great addition on your Halloween table on the 31st.

Dirt Cups made with crushed oreos and pudding |


Dirt Cups

  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • 1 pack oreos
  • Chocolate Pudding Mix or
  • Check out my Chocolate Pudding Recipe
  • Fresh plant stems, preferably with leaves so it’ll look like real plants


  1. Cook chocolate pudding mix/ chocolate pudding recipe according to package direction.
  2. Set aside to cool into room temperature.
  3. Remove all oreo fillings and put oreos into a food processor.
  4. Pulse until crushed and soil-like in texture.
  5. Fill 3/4 of a small container with chocolate pudding. (You can use a small pot lined-up with foil or any kind of cup you want to use).
  6. The remaining 1/4, you should fill with the crushed oreos.
  7. “Plant” your fresh stem to make it look like a small pot of plant.
  8. You can put a wooden spoon to make it look more real.
  9. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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42 Responses

  1. Love these cute little treats. I remember someone making something like these for a Halloween school party and the kids were so happy and thrilled. Love the idea.

  2. WOW…such adorable little cups for a halloween treat…will be bringing a huge smile on all our kids faces,thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Wow! I actually thought these were not edible! May I know what food processor you’re getting? I’m scouting for the best one (but less expensive than Cuisinart naman) that can do grinding of nuts well.

    1. I’m using Kenwood. I’ve tried it grinding almonds and it works naman.

  4. I super love this! My kids love Oreos and chocolate so I have no doubt they will love this one too. Great dessert idea. The kids can even help make this. Will definitely try this one soon. 🙂

    1. You will never regret trying this because kids will have fun making and eating this.

  5. These look so cute, I thought this was for the garden, Now I know its for the garden on the mouth. hahaha Anyway, this is great especially for kids and this Halloween!! Thanks for the share and keep it up! Anything chocolate is also a favorite!

    PS: I think your link for the chocolate pudding is wrong or maybe different (the link is for your previous entry of starbucks =))

  6. Ooh yum! I think I will make these for my son’s next play date. And I should make sure to make extra for us mommies as well hehe! 🙂

  7. that was really wonderful Peachy, you never run out of creativity, Ykaie will soon follow your footsteps 🙂

    1. I hope so, Joy. She’s creative too and she likes tinkering in the kitchen.

    1. Oh ,my goodness, I realized this is actually a dirt cake wahhh. What an interesting twist!

    1. Great idea my son loves Oreo too this is much fun to eat

    1. Sobrnag nakakaamaze na amn po ang dessert na ito moms.. Parang nakakahinayang kainin.. Ang ganda idasplay na lang. Hehe thanks sa recipe momshie..

    1. Thanks jessica. Kid’s do love oreos so thye would love these…

  8. Cool! Justin and I initially thought you’re just planting basil herb. Lol! He was actually the one who told me to write “cool” in my comment. Love the idea!

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