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BDO Rewards Card

BDO Rewards CardsRoasted Chicken with green beans & heart-shaped spicy potatoes

Life is a series of experiences. It can be both rewarding and stressful. I admit that there are times when it becomes stressful enough because as a mommy, I am juggling a lot of things which includes work, kids (Ykaie and my nieces), household chores,  bills, and being away from my peanubutter♥ . I have to keep up with time management and of course, the sadness of being away from my husband who works abroad.

However, at the end of the day — or the week– doing the things that I love most is what I consider my rewards for a job well done. I guess you already know what those are — cooking and eating out with my family.

BDO Rewards CardsBanana Nutella French Toast

Cooking isn’t simply one of the chores that I have to do. I consider cooking for my family to be such a rewarding experience specially when I see their face light up when I cook their favorite food. It also keeps me happy and it relieves my stress..

Now who needs a spa when I can cook or bake?

BDO Rewards Cards

Another thing that I’ve mentioned to be such a rewarding experience aside from cooking is being able to eat out with my family. As a foodie, I love eating out and trying out new restaurants but it’s quite sad when I couldn’t do it with my peanutbutter. I’m sure you already know that he works abroad and he gets to come home with us for only a month each year.

BDO Rewards Cards

It’s a sacrifice but one that we must do if we want a secure future for our daughter and our future children. Seeing Ykaie so happy and being able to spend time with her daddy even when we are simply eating out can feel very rewarding too. After all, it takes 365 days before we can do it again.

BDO Rewards Cards

Getting a BDO Rewards Cards is kind of just like cooking and eating out with my family. You can get rewards continuously. Unlike other rewards cards, it rewards its users for things they already do like bank transactions (deposits, loans, online bill payments, debit card payments, etc.), purchases (SM, SM partner stores), or by simply maintaining the minimum daily balance in your accounts. These are things that we normally do anyway, so why not get something out of it. Imagine earning reward points even when you’re not doing anything at all? How easy can that be?

The points earned can either be used for shopping for new kitchen appliances from SM or to get a discount from Toy Kingdom and selected restaurants. Right now, I’m saving our points so I can redeem a Belgian Waffle Maker. I know our BDO Rewards Card is  under my peanubutter♥’s name but the free item will go to me, of course — part of my reward for being such an awesome wife! (wink*)

Want to know more details and how you can get  your own BDO Rewards Card? Check out this link:

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34 Responses

  1. It’s good to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and more importantly, to be able to share those blessings to the people you love. Such bliss! I love your foodie posts sis. Are you a budding chef? Or already one? 🙂

  2. That chicken looks soooo good! I love those heart-shaped potatoes, too! what a fun thing to do! This is the first I have heard of the BDO rewards program, but it is something I am definitely going to check in to. Like you said, why not get rewards for doing what we do everyday anyway!

  3. Oh my! Love those heart shaped potatoes! Did you cut those out or buy them like that. Simply adorable!

  4. Mmm Nutella…I haven’t had any in forever. I can just eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon; it’s so good!

  5. It’s a nice BDO rewards program. ^_^ Your rainbow outfit is
    cool and I love the heart shaped spicy potatoes. ^_^

  6. yummm…I’m drooling on that chicken leg…what a hearty meal! thanks for sharing this BDO reward thing.

  7. I also have BDO rewards cards and I’m very happy with it! I didn’t even know I’ve accumulated so much points!

    The nutella french toast looks utterly divine! *drools

  8. I can get lost in my kitchen just by cooking and baking. I love it so much that I didn’t notice I have been there the whole day.:)

  9. Awe! And you deserve that reward for sure. That is so nice. I love cooking too especially when the people in the family enjoy your food. 🙂 I can only imagine how much you are missing your sweetie. We love Nutella too. My kids go crazy for it. Those heart-shaped potatoes are darling. I am sure the meal was good. It looks good.

  10. OOOh.. so that’s how it goes. I am not really sure but it seems that only BDO has that kind of card?

  11. Life is a cycle of challenges, trials and getting the through there is a blessing of happiness awaits.

  12. If I have a BDO credit card and that BDO rewards card, do I also get points whenever I use my credit card?

  13. wow that is very nice to read coming from a wonderful mom. I guess we are all different haha i love going to spa & relax and i dont cook that much as my husband loves to cook and explore more foods than me. and because living in malaysia, it is more cheaper if we just eat or buy food outside hehe. I should tell my mom about this points as we’re using BDO in philippines.

  14. I think my Dad have this and I’m amazed how this process. Maybe in time if I have work and save money. I’ll try to get this and enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Oh by the way, My Nutella my love! ♥

  15. I can see that a lot has happened since I’ve been on vacation! Glad I’m starting with this post because the first picture made me smile. Only you would take the time to make heartshaped potato bites for the girls. 🙂 Lots of delicious food pictures here Peaches!

  16. The chicken looks so tasty! Yes, being a mom is rewarding but it comes with many other things. And you are faring well in all these! 🙂 Keep it up!

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