ALASKA CREMA Merry Cremas Food Bazaar

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

Exploring a wide variety of food at one time is one of my weaknesses. I never EVER say no to food adventure. Aside from buffets and eat-all-you-can restaurants, food bazaars makes me weak on my knees.

Last December 15, I was  very fortunate  to be invited as one of the Blogger Judges at the Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Food Bazaar held at the Eastwood Mall Activity Center. There were 26 merchants who showcased their signature products along with creative Alaska Crema dishes that tickle the palate.

The Merry Cremas Food Bazaar was opened to the public at around 1pm. Guests can simply join and go around to sample the different signature products and Alaska Crema dishes for free. There were also cakes, pies, and other savory items for sale, should visitors decide to buy something to take home.

As early as 11am, though, we were able to go around and sample the delectable dishes that each booth offers. Armed with a scorecard, a pen, my trusted camera, and my curious, hungry mood.., I set foot in the battleground…LOL!

I was like a kid in a candy store and I didn’t know where to start. Everything just looked so darned delicious… some even give off enticing aromas guiding my nose where to go first.

I reminded myself that I have to be organized, so I started with the first table from the entrance…heehee

MedChef Homemade Cakes | Cakes and Bakes

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

This Chocolate Mousse Meringue with Alaska Crema caught my eyes first. I was blown away with the presentation and being able to sample it just makes me more interested in what Cakes and Bakes has to offer. They brought a lot of their products that day.

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

One of their unique offerings is this Sweet Potato Cake that makes you think about Fall and Thanksgiving. I regret not buying a piece to take home.

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

MedChef’s Alaska Crema dish is Molten Chocolate Decadence. It was this moist chocolate cake with a thin caramel sauce. I knew I took a photo of it but I couldn’t find it in my files. They also offer other delectable products such as the Bread Pudding Crème Brulee and this deconstructed cake sampler.

Roasterrific | Serving Spoon Manila

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

Roasterrific has this Herb-a-licious Lechon that looks very enticing. I had to stop myself from buying a meal because I know I still have a long way to go. I was saving tummy space for the delectable things coming my way within the hour.

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

Their Alaska Crema dish is Chicken a la King served with rice. It was creamy and flavorsome, I like it served steaming hot though..

Alaska Crema Merry Cremas Bazaar |

I think it’s perfect that Serving Spoon Manila is on the same table with Roasterrific because I get to have a complete meal.. Dessert was Toblerone Bread Pudding from Serving Spoon Manila. They’re even kind enough to list down the recipe so you can make it at home. I remember giving this a perfect score because I loved how creamy and chocolatey it was.

Malagos Chocolate | Cooking Ina’s Kitchen

My favorite booth is Malagos Chocolate’s. They were able to bring what they’re all about in such a small space.

Not only were they able to bring their other products such as the dark chocolate bars and unsweetened chocolate chips, they were able to bring raw cacao pods, fermented dried ccacao beans sample and cacao nibs. The owner is even present to educate me about their product and entertain any question I might have.

I tried the Malagos Hot Chocolate in which I saw them pour just a spot of Alaska Crema before handing to me. It was rich and creamy. Alaska Crema just brought out how rich our Davao Chocolates can be!

Cooking Ina’s Kitchen’s Alaska Crema Dish is Laksa Noodle Soup. I’m not an expert on Laksa but I like how tasty their version is. I just wish they have  a “regular” version to take a photo of.

Nothing But C

Nothing But C boasts of their original Litson Cake. Yes! this is not lechon but a cake made to shape like one and it looks so real!

Their Alaska Crema dish is this yummy Yema Cake that is soft and fluffy.

Bite Contemporary Cuisine | Baked Bites

Baked Bites’ signature dishes are also their Alska Crema dishes. This Nutella Rocks are crumbled cookies made to form a rock and filled with a creamy Nutella center..

I gave a perfect score to this Dulce de Leche Pecan Cheesecake. The cheesecake is perfectly tart and velvety balanced by the sweetness of the dulce de leche.

Bite Contemporary Cuisine’s signature product is this beautiful Paella.

And their Alaska Crema dish is the Kuhol Chowder. It’s very unique and the flavor profile is creamy and earthy. Again, this is one of the dishes I wished I got to taste steaming hot.

Nutty Drizzle

Nutty Drizzle offers several flavors of the popular Kroughnuts and French Donuts including a Pinoy version named Ensay Kroughnuts.

Their Alaska Crema dish is: Chocolate Drizzle with Creamy Custard. I like the chewy texture of this donut and the creamy center just oozes out when you take a bite.

Party Time Philippines | Alchemy

Party Time Philippines has two Alaska Crema dishes: their Carbonara and the Fish Fillet with Herb-Cream Sauce but they were sampling three dishes.

And I got to try all three. I loved the Fish Fillet with Herb-Cream Sauce. It went so well with the Honey Spare Ribs and the Carbonara.

Alchemy’s Alaska Crema dish is Chocolate Macaron w/ Alaska Crema Chocolate Mousse. You’d think it was overly sweet because it’s chocolate on chocolate but since it was topped with a sliced strawberry it wasn’t. It’s just right to tickle the tastebuds.

Sweet Success

Sweet Success has the mosst clean-looking and girly booth. I like how they presented their product..even the samples!

Their Alaska Crema dish is the Chocolate Caramel Crumble which is so moist. That one bite sample already packs a chocolate punch. Imagine what a whole serving would be like.

This is what a whole serving of that looks like…

Red Velvet | The Pastry Parlour

Red Velvet’s Alaska Crema dish is this Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies which is creamy and chocolatey at the same time.

While the Pastry Parlour serves hot Chicken Pie with a creamy filling.

Hey Gourmet | Forever Cupcakes

Hey Gourmet has his Rocksalt & Cheese Bars for their Alaska Crema dish. It’s like a cheesecake and brownie combination that you won’t get tired of eating because it’s not too sweet.

While Forever Cupcakes presented soft Pastillas in colorful wrapper.

Roasts Coffee and Bibingka

I was expecting Roasts to sample bibingkas but instead they gave this Turon glazed with Caramel and Sprinkled with Smoked Salt. You’ think it was just simply turon but the flavor combination was amazing. The caramel was made with Alaska Crema.

Suzhou Dimsum | CJM’s Catering Services

It was nice seeing the Alaska Crema to be mixed with a drink instead of food. It’s a welcome replacement for milk in this Nai Cha from Suzhou.

CJMs Catering Services’ Alaska Crema dish is something we all love: Baked Macaroni.

Choco ATBP &|Joanie’s Cupcakes

From Joanie’s Cupcakes I tried their Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake. I am never a fan of overly sweet desserts and this tastes surprisingly just right.

Choco ATBP’s Alaska Crema dish is Simply Original Dark Choco Tablea Fudge Bar but which I wasn’t able to try for some reason. I got to try their Lemon Pound Cake, though.

I was so full after trying out all those delectable samples and I didn’t think I could eat another bite. It was such an adventure for both my tastebuds and my tummy. This event just showed me how versatile Alaska Crema can be as an ingredient. It can be added to both sweet and savory dishes. It can also be added to drinks, appetizers, and even meat dishes like hamburgers!

Too bad I couldn’t stay very long. The event was hosted by Chico and Delamar and lasted until night time. There were a lot of exciting and fun parlor games. Yeng Constantino was also there to serenade the guests with romantic medleys.

Can you guess which merchants won in won  the Merry Cremas Food Bazaar with their delicious Noche Buena goodies? It’s Joanie’s Cupcake, Malagos Dark Chocolate and Hey Gourmet! Congratulations for Winning!

While I’m a fan of Alaska Evaporated Milk and Alaska Condensed Milk, I haven’t tried using Alaska Crema yet in cooking. No worries, though. There’s a lot of recipes up in the Alaska Crema Facebook Page. I just can’t decide which one to try first.

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  1. I am a sucker for sweets and all those pictures of cakes and pastries make me drool! Need to get my sweet fix soon!

  2. Alaska has been around for as long as I can remember but it was mainly consumed as a baby formula back then. But lately, we’ve been using Alaska creme for salad dressing and it surely lives up to expectations, lol!

  3. You and your amazing photos of foods makes me forget I’m on a diet! lol! Anyway, good job! you are lucky to represent the blogging society in events like this..congratulations to the winners! their entries looks great! like I want to eat chocolate right now! 😀 😀

  4. I’m on a healthy diet since the 1st day of this year; less carb, fats and sweets. Reading your post makes want to regret what I am doing right now. lol

  5. This post just made me very hungry! To think that I just finished having lunch. Haha! Everything looks so good but I must say that I’m more interested in the cakes and pastries. I love sweets! 🙂 And we use both Alaska Evap and Crema at our house. I must check those recipes on their FB page soon.

  6. Delectable, deliciously yummy! I’ve tried our very own Malagos Chocolate and its super yummy chocolate. The owner, Pedro Cruz, itself of Askinosie Chocolate who originally use Malagos chocolate as their ingredients is from Davao City and he invited me to come to Malagos to taste their chocolate, exactly at their farm.

  7. I know how to make pudding. I am just wondering if adding some chocolate in it would be nice, got this idea from the Toblerone bread pudding above.

  8. i cannot make a choice, everything seems to be extraordinary delicious hihi. among the foods above, only malagos is what i have lol

  9. Wow! All the sweet treats here are worth drooling for! Are these booths regulars in Eastwood or they only participate during these special events?

  10. Ahhh! Davao Malagos Chocolate! I’m glad you tried it! They have great products really! Drool worthy post really! Sira diet nito!!

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