Movie Night-Themed Party for New Year’s Eve 2014

Movie Night-Themed Party |

Movie Night-Themed Party |

Last year, Sis and I prepared a Camping Party to welcome 2013. This is because many of our nieces and nephews stayed with us for a vacation and we thought it would be fun to welcome the upcoming year with a big party. This year, most of my relatives had plans of their own, so we decided to celebrate it with a more intimate party: a Movie Night- themed one.

New Year’s Eve Movie Night Food

We didn’t like really heavy meals for the New year so Sis and I prepared food that is usually eaten when watching a movie.

Movie Night-Themed Party |

We had Chocolate Popcorn. It had to be in a popcorn box for us to feel like we were really going to watch a movie in the Cinema.

Movie Night-Themed Party |

There are Corndogs, complete with mustard and tomato ketchup condiments.

Movie Night-Themed Party |

Wondering what are those plastic soda bottles with misspelled names are? Those are trumpets which I was able to buy for ₱50 each. Cool eh? Served with chocolate coins and gummy bears for the kids. The chocolate coins symbolizes the bountiful new year and money because they are round and they are like money while  the gummy candies, because it’s sticky, it could replace the role of “kakanins” as the one symbolizing for  strong family ties.

Movie Night-Themed Party |

We also had Chicken Nuggets and some Chips.

Movie Night-Themed Party |

We were able to buy those Little Hugs Fruit Barrels at S & R. Those are fruit-flavored drinks that are quite tasty but with 75% less sugar. Of course, for the adults were different kinds of sodas.

Below are apple pies, which we just bought and then transferred to these  red and white striped pockets.

Movie Night-Themed Party |

Crinkle cut French Fries are always present during movie nights!

Movie Night-Themed Party |

For dessert, we had Grapes, Buko Pandan, Ube Halaya, and Leche Flan. That bilao of Pancit Malabon was given by our generous neighbor.

Sis also made some Sausage and Tomato Sauce Pasta and Garlic Bread.

Lights and Sparklers

We love Despicable Me so much, we wore matching Minions shirts! I was the bad minion and Rome (my cousin) is Gru.

We also had some glow-in-the-dark bracelets and glasses….

Ykaie and I are “glowing” all night..LOL!

Unlike last year, we bought a lot of sparklers this year and made different shapes using it. My cousin Ate Nydia and her husband kuya Dan were perfect for a heart-shaped sparkling background!

It’s just heart-shaped lights for my little sweetheart, though…

To make the most out of New Year’s Eve, Ykaie and her cousins lighted up a lot of sparklers!

Us too!

Happy 2014 Everyone!

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22 Responses

  1. I love this idea! This is a great theme even for birthdays and other occasions. Where did you buy the corndogs?

  2. Everything in this post is just lovely! I love all the creative shots, the well-presented food and of course, the fun fare you have had during New year Celebration! Kudos!

  3. Just by looking at your photos it shows how much you guys had so much fun. And oh the food. It looks so good and man you got those MisSpelled name on the bottle softdrinks? How cool!

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