Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages for January 2014

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

Starbucks New Beverage for January 2014

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

Along with the New Year comes Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages which I got to try last tuesday. All of these are available staring today, January 9, 2014.

Good news to Asian Dolce Latte lovers! It’s making a comeback! The Starbucks® Asian Dolce Latte is a delicious blend of premium, dark-roasted Starbucks® Espresso Roast and specially developed dolce sauce, mixed with sweet steamed milk. (Short – ₱115, Tall – ₱125, Grande- ₱140, Venti – ₱150)

Along with it is a new variation, which is the ASIAN DOLCE FRAPPUCCINO® BLENDED BEVERAGE (Tall – ₱145, Grande- ₱155, Venti – ₱165) which embodies a bolder flavor.

I was surprised by the new espresso drink that was launched that is Chestnut Macchiato (Short – ₱135, Tall – ₱145, Grande- ₱160, Venti – ₱170). I find it very unique as it combines the rich flavor of roasted chestnuts with freshly steamed milk, and like the caramel macchiato, topped off with velvety foam and marked with a signature espresso shot but instead of caramel drizzle, it is topped with specially-crafted roasted chestnut drizzle.

Healthier Food Options

Starbucks hears us! They know that everybody’s up and opting for healthier meals and snacks along with their New Year’s Resolution. Check out these healthier choices…

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

Having breakfast at Starbucks? You can now have the Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal (₱85). It’s a blend of hearty steel-cut oatmeal with old-fashioned rolled oats and is 100% whole grain. It can be ordered with your choice of brown sugar or agave syrup and dried fruit medley.

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

Or you can have a Grilled Ham and Three Cheese on Italian Country Bread (₱170) which is my favorite among the newly launched food. It’s not a secret to you that I love cheese and this has three types of cheese  namely: Emmenthal, Mozzarella and Cheddar melting cheese plus a juicy sliced ham with subtly seasoned Italian herbed butter. This is like my dream sandwich!

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

This Veggie Sticks with Blue Cheese Dressing (₱110) is a great snack at only 135 calories per serving. It includes an assortment of light and crispy celery, carrots, cucumber and jicama and a sharp and tangy blue cheese dip. I just wish there’s more dip per serving.

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

There are also new snack boxes that were introduced. I used to love the Four Cheese Dip with Crostini and Cold Pesto Pasta which they had last year. This year, there are two new snack boxes to love. The first is this Couscous Salad, Smoked Tuna Spread with Bagel Chips (₱150),  a healthy blend of couscous , beans, corn, walnuts and feta cheese with zesty lemon dill dressing. It pairs well with smoky creamy tuna spread with bagel chips.

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

The second is this Cold Pasta, Chorizo Cheese Spread with Crostini (₱150), an appetizing snack box filled with gourmet chorizo spread with crostini and a flavorful cold Mediterranean pasta.

Other New Food Items

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookie with Blueberries (₱55) – This is like the old fashioned oatmeal cookies with raisins, only now, the raisins have been replaced with the more nutritious dried blueberries. It’s  remains to be buttery and chewy — my second favorite among the bunch.

Starbucks New Food Items and Beverages |

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Cookie (₱65) such a decadent combination of Belgian chocolate chunks and chopped macadamia in a buttery, chewy cookie. Perfect with your favorite coffee.

NEW YORK CHEESECAKE with mocha, caramel or strawberry topping
This is a classic cheesecake with rich, creamy and smooth base baked to a golden brown, on a simple graham crust. Choose from mocha, caramel or strawberry for your topping. (Slice – ₱120, Whole – ₱1250)

The new and improved Classic Chocolate Cake (Slice – ₱110, Whole – ₱990) now has a combination of buttery caramel fudge and silky smooth chocolate sandwiched between layers of dark chocolate cake and finished with chocolate ganache.

New Merchandise

For the Chinese Lunar New Year 2014: Year of the Horse, the Bearista Bear is dressed like a horse. There are also three new mugs available in the colors which are considered lucky this year.

And for Valentine’s Day, this red and white mug that looks very romantic. I already have the white one.

What do you think about the new food items and the new drinks? Which ones are you excited to try?

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34 Responses

  1. I did notice that Starbucks menu has changed today because I could not find my favorite drink in the same spot on the wall menu – they’ve got new menus! I thought the change was made only in my particular location! Love your overview of the changes and love Starbucks!

  2. oh such a drool worthy list…we just want that heavenly three cheese sandwich now…looks so good,thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Do they serve the oatmeal all day or is it just breakfast? I was curious of this!! Omg! I love their new food. I like it that they too would like to revolutionize new healthy choices in terms of food! And yes to Chestnut Macchiato !!!

  4. I am no coffee drinker kaya hindi ako madalas magyaya sa Starbucks. Pero this New Year, mukhang mag-aakit na ako papunta dun to try their latest menu.

    I think that oatmeal cookies with blueberries is a sure winner.

    Yung couscous salad, rice ba yung grains dun?

  5. i would like to try the new york cheese cake 🙂 starbucks products are a bit pricey yet they are worth my money 🙂

  6. I love their Grilled Ham and Three Cheese sandwich, so yummy. I’m thinking of buying their Valentine’s mug, perfect for me and hubby. lol.

  7. I love to drink coffee especially in the morning. I have heard that Starbucks have good choices of coffee. I never visited any branch but my husband did 🙂

  8. wow it is good to know that Starbucks is coming up with those healthy options. I would really love to give the oatmeal + the veggie sticks a bite! + hey, those new merchandise are really cool, i’d love to have those matching matching valentine’s mugs, too! now i cannot wait for the local starbucks to open! 🙂

  9. We love Starbucks! It’s good to know that they have healthy food options now. Very timely because hubby and me are currently on healthy diet.

  10. Yay I did not know Starbucks has a new menu, I love the healthy breakfast whole-grain oatmeal..Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Now, we have all the more reasons to visit Starbucks often because of the healthy food choices that they offer. I want to try the Grilled Ham and Three Cheese on Italian Country Bread!

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