A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino’s Restaurant

Bagnet at Victorino's

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

Have you tried dining with three super-kulit kids with you being the only adult around? I have. And it is chaotic! You already know that it’s just a matter of time before something gets spilled because someone’s gonna lean on the table with a base that’s light as a feather.

Or better yet, have you experience dining at a restaurant where the waiter gives you a seat with a wobbly table? I also have experienced that and the waiter didn’t even do something about it. My sister and I had to keep our feet on the base of the table to keep it from wobbling. Talk about a very annoying experience! We never came back to that restaurant ever.

Since then I became conscious and checked not only the food a certain restaurant has to offer but also the ambience, the seats and the table.

Good thing there’s no wobbly tables Victorino’s.

Victorino’s is a new restaurant who proudly serves Ilocano and Filipino dishes. It’ is known as a homey restaurant in Quezon City specializing in authentic Ilocano-Filipino dishes with signature cakes by Chef Heny Sison.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

We started with a Cheesy Spinach dip which I tried with the brown toasted bread. It was creamy and buttery and just right to start our meal with.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

Followed by our main meal composed of hot steamed rice and the crunchiest Bagnet I’ve tried! It’s paired with a dipping condiment made of chopped red onion, tomatoes, and fish paste.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

We also had Lengua in White Sauce….

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

….And Fresh Lumpiang Ubod which I can’t get enough of– there’s something about it’s sauce,  you know, something that makes you want to eat it until there’s nothing left on the plate.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

To wash it all down just before moving on to dessert, I ordered  Lemongrass Iced Tea. I love lemongrass because its flavor is very refreshing. I think this is mixed with pandan to mellow out the flavor but it was good.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

Dessert was Patopat, a dessert made with glutinous rice, salt, coconut cream, and coconut milk. It was served with Mango Balls and latik.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

And Macadamai Sansrival. I think this is one of Chef Heny Sison’s creations. Those roasted macadamia nuts are not only found on top, there were also lots of it inside.

I must say, it was quite a lunch.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant
Lunch was with Jonel, Marj, and Ms. Angel.

It was already an awesome experience because of the food, but dining on a table which you know is stable made the experience much more pleasant. And it is all because of FLAT® Technology.

What is FLAT?

FLAT is an Australian product that provides the no. 1 solution to wobbly tables. In 2012, Living Space Home Furnishings became the first and only distributor of FLAT in the Philippines.

A Stable Dining Experience at Victorino's Restaurant

All objects manufactured with FLAT® hydraulic technology will find their level on any uneven surface – instantly. The hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device) technology located within the table base instantly reacts to movement or change in environment. So no matter where you place that table, it will adjust to the surface it is on.

FLAT®’s patented technology is unique. Both the PAD and the PUK (Patented Undercarriage Key) has been engineered to create an integrated unit. It is incorporated into products at the design stage, so manufacturers aren’t stuck with a clumsy, bolt-on after thought. Today, you can find our technology already integrated into a range of popular table bases.

Each point of contact with the ground has its own hydraulic cylinder fitted within the leg, and all the cylinders are interconnected with fluid hoses. This device is referred to as the PAD (Patented Actuator Device). When the first leg makes contact with the ground, the fluid in that cylinder is forced out through the hoses and into the other legs. The smart valves inside then lock until the table moves position again.

This technology not only eradicates the wobbly table but also allows users of FLAT® table bases to align 2 or more table tops perfectly and serve customers hassle free.

I think this is the reason why this technology has been recognized with an “Engineering Excellence Award” by the Engineers Australia (Sydney division).

For more infor on Flat Technology, you can visit their:

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/FlatPh
Website: http://livingspace.com.ph/site/flat-technology/

VICTORINO’S is a traditional Filipino house transformed into a beautiful restaurant with a patisserie, a bar, and function rooms. The restaurant was opened with the help of Chef Heny Sison and is owned by celebrity/actress Dina Bonnevie and her husband Ilocos Sur Vice Governor DV Savellano.

It’s located at 11th Jamboree street corner Scout Rallos near Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

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20 Responses

  1. Such an experience when the table’s wobbling while dining with your family. In my case, I reported at once with the management person and demanded to change it.

  2. Wow..gawa pala ni Chef Heny ang cakes dito! I haven’t heard of Victorino’s though pero there’s a big chance I can visit the place coz it’s just in QC 🙂 Wow for the tables, versatile!

  3. I wanna try this out soon and speaking of wobbly tables madalas ito lalo na kids loves fastfood so spilled drinks and food are always an eksena. Wish they will soon acquire tables like in Victorino’s

  4. Parang hindi ko ata mag-dine out with three, let alone two kids by myself! Having one is a handful na nga eh. And very nice innovation there with the table! I hate the gaps between tables when you have to put a few together.

  5. FLAT technology is very simple but useful. I really hate eating or writing on a wobbly table. Anyway, the food goodness, they look so yummy!

  6. I can soooo relate to kids, wobbly tables, and messy spills! All restos should have that flat technology integrated into their design.

  7. Wow, I love Fresh Lumpiang Ubod! Anyway- I hate it, too, when a table is wobbly in a restaurant. I have two toddlers so it won’t take long for a disaster to occur if a table isn’t stable.

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