Our Halloween Movie Night

Our Halloween Movie Night

This year is by far my busiest and most hectic year that is why for our Halloween party, we decided to just low-key it and have a quiet Halloween Movie Night at home. peanutbutter♥ and I hosted the movie night, we downloaded scary movies. Our crowd is composed of just us, my sister, my brother, Ykaie, my three nieces: Thea, Cyra, and Cyvrine, and my cousin Rome.

Halloween Movie Night Food

Movie night food were just pica-pica but also Halloween-themed. Here’s what we had…

Our Halloween Movie Night

Chips and Dip. We had two kinds of chips and flavored crackers dipped into salsa con quezo, of course!

The Bloody Shirley Temple was set aside because sis had these sodas ready. We had Witches’ Brew, Jack O Lantern Juice, Zombie Virus and Devil’s Delight.

Jelly Snakes for the kids…

Pumpkin Marshmallows

Cheese Popcorn mixed with different kinds of gummies….

Crazy Bones Lollipop

Jack O’ Lantern Cheeseburgers

Sis tried to be Sadako in one of the photos and even J.R. (our dog) got scared… look!

Cyra and Ykaie trying to look scary but they still look pretty cute to me…..

Goofy kids!

I don’t know if Ykaie and Cyvrine is making a wacky or scary pose..heehee.

We didn’t have a Halloween party this year but it was still fun. Both the adults and the kids had a great time. Ykaie didn’t want to sleep in her bedroom because of the scary movie so she slept in our bedroom.

How was your Halloween? What did you do to celebrate it?

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  1. Those are fun treats for your movie night. I especially like how the Halloween popcorn looked. Yummy gummies really appeared like worms. 🙂

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