Palawan’s Best Chaolong from Bread & Bakers

Palawan's Best Chaolong from Bread and Bakers

The day started innocently enough. peanutbutter and I were lazing on the sofa watching one of our favorite tv shows while Ykaie plays with the neighbor’s kids.

Axian starring Jason Yeoh. Jason Yeoh explores the local small restaurants in Tenom, Malaysia. Noodles, rice meals and chicken dishes. Our mouth waters. Thank God the program ends after half an hour because we were both craving what we’re seeing on the tv. We knew we won’t be able to find it anywhere in Manila.

Axian was immediately followed by Martin Yan’s Taste of Vietnam where Martin Yan was shown to eat Pho and other vietnamese specialties around town. Now our stomach grumbles and we wanted Pho to magically appear in the living room to satisfy our cravings.

peanutbutter asked me if we can go out and eat Pho and we talked about going to Tomas Morato since there are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants there. I told him I don’t want to eat  in a restaurant, I wanted to eat in a small restaurant or hole in the wall just like Martin Yan. Also somewhere cheap. LOL!

I told him I heard about a place serving Palawan’s Chaolong somewhere in Quezon City. A quick browsing through the net brought us to Bread and Bakers Palawan’s Best Chaolong.

The place is relatively small, and there were no people when we got there. We were kinda doubtful abut the food we’re about to order because the place seemed like a confused bakery, restaurant, and siomai place. But we were hungry and we wanted Chaolong.

Chaolong is actually Palawan’s version of Pho brought about by the many vietnamese refugees that stayed there. We ordered the Beef Stew (₱50) which came in a rather big bowl than what I had imagined. The bowl was filled with rice noodles and soup that gives off a sweet, beefy aroma plus a few pieces of beef  on top of the noodles. It was served with fresh bean sprouts, basil leaves, and half a calamansi. The soup was orange-y in color which I’m guessing is brought about by annato seeds.

Palawan's Best Chaolong from Bread and Bakers

First slurp of the soup and I knew we were at the right place. The beef was tender and the noodles were cooked perfectly. To pair with our Chaolong, we also ordered a couple of Pork Barbecue Banh Mi (₱45) which was not so bad at all. Bread & Bakers bake their own bread. It was crusty and a bit chewy, perfect with the pork barbecue and sliced veggie stuffing.

It was a very satisfying, filling meal and we only had to shell out ₱240 for it.

I just wished they would market this more and figure out a way to separate the bakery from the chaolong place or a way to merge them together without making it look like they are two businesses sharing the same space.

Bread & Bakers is located at 282-C Roosevelt Ave., Muñoz, Quezon City

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23 Responses

  1. I had to google what annato seeds are, heehee. 🙂

    That bread looks great. I’ve not tried Vietnamese yet but it would be a good idea to try it with the kids. That bread looks good.

  2. I just live near Munoz area :)) Will definitely try this out 🙂 Every time I crave Vietnamese, Pho Hoa lang naiisip ko eh 🙂

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