That Delicious Cup Of J.Coffee

To say that I love donuts is an understatement. The sweet smell of sugar and butter makes me giddy. Biting into its soft bread sends delight into my heart.

J.Co’s cleverly named and pretty donuts: Al Capone, Avocado Di Caprio, and Green Tease in particular, are my favorites because they are not too sweet nor too heavy in the tummy. They also have awesome flavors and texture.

They even serve J.Club Donut Sandwiches if you’re more the savory type of person…

But did you know that aside from these delicious, melt-in-your-mouth donuts J.Co also serves delicious fresh cup of coffees called “J.COFFEE” hand-crafted beverages?

Yup, in its home base of Indonesia, J.CO is known as a lifestyle café that serves a mean cup of the best-tasting coffee that goes perfectly with their delectable donuts. Fresh shots of espresso pulled from J.CO’s special blend of Italian-roast coffee beans form the base for J.COFFEE’s steaming cups.   While locally–grown and distinct Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi which are internationally-acclaimed coffee-producing regions are sure to be found in every cup of fresh J.COFFEE making each sip all the more special.

Last week, I was able to attend the media launch of J.Coffee.

Pretty Maxene magalona is J.Co’s new ambassador and she said she prefers her coffee sweet.

Check out these two cups off coffee beans brought to us by a J.Coffee Expert.

The one on the left has fresh coffee beans, look at the oil that makes it shiny — smells really good too! Oh how I miss my coffee! The one on the right has old coffee beans.. notice that its all dried up?

Since I’m still pregnant and I can’t have my coffee, I had the Strawberry Yogurt Frappe, J.Co Cheezy Rich Donut (the one I’m crazy about right now), and a single serving of their frozen yogurt topped with fresh mango and strawberry.

I had that while listening to the host and Maxene talk about the unique coffee blends that J.Co has to offer. J.Co was able to create not only palate-perfect coffees but also visually beautiful coffee beverages in the form of craft latte art.

a J.Coffee demonstrated how to make latte art and he sure made it look easy. I was prett convinced I can also do that myself that I joined the latte art contest that day….

Here’s my supposed to be flower latte art…. which looks more like a dried up maple leaf..LOL! I didn’t win the contest but I sure enjoyed the experience…

I swear I’m gonna be back for that special J.Coccino once I’m not pregnant anymore….

What’s your favorite Donut and coffee combination at J.Co?

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31 Responses

  1. Great that J Co is there now. I love their white choco donut with almond flakes. And an ice-blended coffee named chocobella, not sure if it’s called the same there..

  2. I love J.Co’s donuts but with their Coffee… too bad, my Doctor advised me not to drink coffee anymore due to my abnormal blood stream.

    I’ll just look at the pictures and appreciate them… 🙁

  3. I love all of’s donut so yummy!!! though i didn’t try their coffee yet, but i’m sure it’s a hit!

  4. Wow, congratulations on your 2nd baby! 🙂 (delayed greeting na ba?) I love J.Co donuts as in- forever! Especially, how enticing your photos (as usual) are! When I have to write and focus at work, I go to out nearest J.Co branch and voila- I just eat and eat hahaha…

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