Hoy Panga! in Katipunan

Hoy Panga

Hoy Panga! in Katipunan

When you see a restaurant with a name as witty as Hoy Panga!, you don’t just pass by. You have to stop and take a look if they are really selling panga (jaw) or they’re just trying to call you stupid and misspelled it. (hah!.. just kidding).

The giant size photo of You Tube sensation and co-owner Bowgaht The Explohrah (Bogart The Explorer) signaling you to stop and check out the restaurant is reason enough to hit the brakes.

Actually, peanutbutter and my MIL have been wanting to try it ever since they first saw it. We just didn’t have time or sometimes we’ve already eaten someplace else when we pass by Katipunan ave. So we reserve trying this for another day.

Hoy Panga! in Katipunan

Finally, the day to try it came. We were on our way to SM Aura when we decided to have lunch here. Hoy Panga! serves everything Tuna! They turned one of their walls into a giant menu board and you can see everything in a single glance.

Hoy Panga! in Katipunan

Ykaie and my nephew Bradzen

We played with our nephew Bradzen while waiting for our orders ! He is so cute and cuddly and we missed him so much now that he’s back in Dubai.

Our table was right beside the griller and we can smell the tuna panga as it was being cooked! We were surprised at how big the Grilled Tuna Panga (₱290) is when it was served. It was perfectly cooked — the meat was tender and juicy. It was marinated in a way that would enhance it’s meat and not overpower it.

The same goes for the Grilled Tuna Belly (₱350). This part is meatier than the tuna panga, though.

There’s two kind of dipping sauces for the grilled items, barbecue and hot sauce. I find these two sauces the perfect dipping sauce when mixed together.

We wanted some soup to go with our meal so we decided on Sinigang na Tuna sa Miso (₱200). There’s nothing really special about it but what’s nice is that you can order extra soup when you’re bitin.

I haven’t tried fish Kare-Kare yet so I was really curious about how the Kare-Kare na Tuna Buntot (₱250) would taste. The tuna tail was cut in a circular shape which mimics ox tail when cooked as the same dish. As for the taste, it doesn’t taste as peanut-ty and creamy as red meat kare-kare but it did not disappoint either. The sauce was thick and the vegetables weren’t overcooked. It paired well with the bagoong it came with.

My order is the Tuna and Tofu Sisig (₱150) which was sooo good that you won’t mind that it has no pork in it. I could eat this every single day!

We all looked full and satisfied, don’t we? We asked one of the staffs to take our photo — too bad our baby Bradzen got cut out.

Will I go back to Hoy Panga!? Absolutely! I want to try their Sionga ( SIOpao na tuna paNGA), Sioque (SIOpao na Queso), Binaggongang Tuna, and Tuna Spring Rolls. Of course, I’ll go back to get more of that Grilled Tuna Panga. I might even bring home a couple of their frozen ones to eat when the craving hits.

Hoy Panga! is located along Katipunan Avenue corner Castro Street, Blue Ridge, Quezon City.

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60 Responses

  1. Every time I hear panga.. it always reminds me of a radio station we used to listen with hehe..
    wow that price are really reasonable… and love how they named their own siopao.. SioNga… hahaha very catchy

  2. I thought it was panga (terms of endearment in Bisaya). Anyway, the food looks yummy and affordable especially the grilled tuna belly!

  3. There’s also a “Hoy, Panga!” somewhere around in Las Pinas. I was always curious what it looked like inside and what did they serve. They sound delicious and affordable. 🙂

  4. Scrumptious! 🙂 I love that you got to bring your whole family to enjoy this. They looked thrilled about the food!

  5. That Tuna Belly was big and looks like it was really cooked well! Me and my dad would definitely love this restaurant. This is my first time to hear about a fish kare-kare. Did the taste resemble more of a sinigang than a kare-kare or it really has its own taste?

  6. Everything looks delicious! Tuna is one of my favorite fishes and the grilled tuna in your photo looks mouthwatering.

  7. I’m drooling right now, lol! I’ve actually seen this but didn’t get the chance to stop by. We should check this out on our next food trip. 🙂

  8. I’ve passed by the place but haven’t tried it out. We used to eat at the resto that was on that space before Hoy Panga. Hoy Panga was featured on TV a few months back and I heard that the price is just right. We;’ll definitely have to make time to go there.

  9. Surely will stop by when I see Hoy Panga for sure. Their food is really good and the price is affordable perfect for family dinner, sarap ng panga ng tuna! Thanks for great photo Sis!:)

  10. I am drooling right now! Oh, I wish we could visit this place soon. Cutie baby (at first I thought it was your 2nd child already, I was like, “OMG! Ang bilis lumaki ni periwinkle!” haha.

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