Lunch at Tsuen Fung Centre

After the compulsary City Tour wherein our tour guide took us to a jewelry factory and some attractions, we decided to go to Ngong Ping.

Ngong Ping is where we could ride the cable car and go to the Po Lin Monastery to see the Giant Buddha.

But before all that, we had to eat lunch. We will be taking the MTR again, so we decided to eat at the Tsuen Fung centre a small “mall” beside the MTR. We looked for a decent hole-in-the-wall and  chose what to eat.

Again, everything was in chinese and nobody spoke english so we pointed and did sign language. We wanted some noodles but we weren’t able to understand them and they weren’t able to understand us.

We ended up with instant noodles with chicken…

This thick soup with shiitake mushrooms, shredded carrots and potatoes which I actually liked…

..and this one. Just like the one we had for dinner but without the bread. It’s like thick lumpia wrapper rolled into pasta with a thick sweet sauce.

There was some sort of barbecue at the next store. peanutbutter checked it out and he said he wanted to try it despite his aching jaw. They have beef, chicken, sausage and pork…I think.

You just choose which type of meat you want and then they dip it in a  peanut-curry sauce..

Here’s my sunshine holding some grilled beef-peanut-curry-barbecue..

A close-up.. Doesn’t it look delicious? Well, it is..the meat is very soft and the sauce is über tasty!

I enjoyed every bite!

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6 Responses

  1. sarap naman… mommy peach yun ba yung tinatawag nilang sticky rice?… i want to try that grilled beef with peanut curry sauce..hmmm

  2. You should try Mang Ambo’s at Wan chai, they can all speak tagalog there 🙂 Dun ako naglulunch minsan when I used to work there.

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