Sushi Master in Malabon City

Sushi Master in Malabon

If you live within the Camanava area and are craving for some ramen or japanese food, there’s no need to travel farther anymore. There’s this small Japanese restaurant in Malabon that serves superb japanese food which I know your palate will approve of.

Owned by couple Nolenz Evangelista and Emily Panganiban, Sushi Master opened last June 2015. It’s right across Steakside and Nanay’s Pancit Malabon, and alongside Arny♥Dading Peachy Peachy and Dolor’s Kakanin, places where we also frequently dine and buy take out. I am really glad that they put up a japanese resto along this area to answer to our japanese cravings. Now we don’t have to travel to QC which we sometimes dread because of the traffic.

Sushi Master in Malabon

The drinks were the first to arrive from our orders. Ykaie had her favorite Mango Shake (₱75) which came in a tall glass the same size as peanutbutter‘s Red Iced Tea (₱30) and my Pink Lemonade (₱50). I love the Red Iced Tea here at Sushi Master, it’s almost the same as Tokyo Tokyo’s!

Sushi Master in Malabon

The dimsum followed, we had 4 pieces of Gyoza and Japanese Siomai (₱95). It was my first time to try Japanese Siomai and it’s so different from the chinese one because it was wrapped on a kani stick and elongated instead of round. The Gyoza was flavorful although I must say that the wrapper is thicker than the ones I’ve tried before.

You can get a platter of 10 pieces of maki for ₱120 while a 15 pieces one costs ₱150. I made sure to eat just one of this because I was saving tummy space for all the good things that were about to come.

Did you know that they make their own ramen noodles? Yes, they do and it has that chewy texture that ramen noodles should have! By the soup’s flavor, you can definitely tell that their Chashu Ramen  (₱250) is made with Tonkotsu Soup base. It is topped with tender braised pork, ramen egg, naruto, nori, wakama, and leeks. Their serving is big enough for sharing too! Flavorful soup, chewy noodles, and all those wonderful toppings makes for a hearty meal.

If you are into spicy food, I suggest you get the Miso Ramen a.k.a. King of All Ramen (₱250), a miso-based ramen filled with spicy ground pork, corn, egg leeks, nori, and wakame. You can get this mild or super hot depending on your mood..LOL! I always go for the mild one just to be safe. Just like the Chashu ramen above, this also comes in a sharing size.

Sushi Master’s Ebi Tempura (₱195) is just the perfect accompaniment to the ramen. The batter is flavorful and it’s perfectly fried. Tempura is Ykaie’s favorite so whenever there’s tempura on the menu, expect that there’ll be tempura on our table. The tempura sauce is hot and with grated ginger, something that we’re very particular about when it comes to tempura. I’d say this is one of the best around the metro.

Pork Katsu Curry (₱220) is also one of my favorite japanese food! I love that their version tastes as well as those popular katsu curries. They don’t skimp on the japanese rice too!

The Beef Pepper Rice Bento Meal is what I recommend if you’re dining on a budget. For ₱125, you get a complete meal with tasty rice topped with corn, beef, and a side of vegetables plus 2 pieces of maki. If you’re not fond of Beef Pepper Rice you can opt for Tonkatsu, Beef Gyudon or Chicken Teriyaki.

Dessert is Blueberry Cheesecake (₱130) dense, rich, and of course, the perfect ending to our japanese meal.

To know more about Sushi Master, give them a visit at Governor Pascual Ave., Malabon City or follow their Facebook Page.

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  1. This looks so delicious, I love the decor at this place as well, looks inviting! I have never had sushi but this would be a place for me to be invited to share as it just looks super decorative and relaxing of an environment!

  2. Food looks amazing!! I love sushi and so does everyone in my house so this place would be nice for a family night out. The Blueberry Cheesecake looks so good!

  3. All of this food looks amazing. I’ve never actually had sushi before, so I have no idea what it tastes like. I’ve always avoided it just because I didn’t think I’d like it. I really need to try it out.

  4. Wow, this food looks absolutely amazing! I’m hungry now! 🙂 And the dessert looks like the perfect sweet ending!

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